Thursday, February 28, 2008

FOXNews - Feb 26, 2008
OSLO, Norway — Russia and the United States should reduce their nuclear arsenals and lead the way toward a world free of atomic weapons, the UN nuclear ...

IAEA calls on US, Russia to disarm more nuclear weapons
Hemscott, UK - Feb 26, 2008
OSLO (Thomson Financial) - The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, has urged the US and Russia to reduce their nuclear ...

You can't disarm a nation that needs protection
The South African Star (subscription), South Africa - Feb 19, 2008
Making defensive weapons illegal will primarily disarm peaceful citizens. There's an old saying: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions. ...

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
OpEdNews, PA - Feb 23, 2008
They also knew that it is only when government has worked secretly against its own people they become afraid of them and seek to disarm them. ...

Gun control bills advance in House
Kankakee Daily Journal, IL - 26 minutes ago
14 at Northern Illinois University, lawmakers are again eyeing gun control bills that would limit Illinois gun buyers to one handgun a month and ban ...

Letter: More gun control won’t stop criminals, he says
Pierce County Herald, WI - 9 hours ago
They are acts, not of insufficient gun control, or of the use of an inanimate object, but acts caused by moral and serious decay of our social structure and ...
Killing us from within The Spectator
Editorial - Attacking gun sales won’t prevent more shootings Dunn County News
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Stabroek News, Guyana - Feb 26, 2008
The Guyana Peace Builders Network (PBN) in condemning the slayings at Bartica is appealing to policymakers to consider an effective gun control policy and ...

Gun-control proposals clear House committee
Rockford Register Star, IL - 19 minutes ago
... said he was "appalled" at Brunsvold’s suggestion that the committee was taking up the gun-control proposals because of the NIU shooting. ...
Let's have better gun control, Canada - 2 hours ago
The idea of self-policing and believing you'll actually be able to protect yourself or your family with a gun is ignorant. It is also ignorant to believe we ...
Subject of gun control absent from presidential campaign
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Feb 26, 2008
Otherwise, God forbid, voters might think they were interested in doing something about gun control. "I'm pretty sure there will be duck hunting in heaven, ...
Candidates quiet on gun issues
Chicago Tribune, United States - 3 hours ago
It is unfair to say that our leaders in Washington did nothing between those dates regarding gun control. On Feb. 8, a majority of Congress found time to ...
Supreme Court finally to weigh in on right to own a gun
USA Today - Feb 26, 2008
The US Supreme Court repeatedly declined to hear appeals of those rulings, fueling the debate over gun control and tension between the law and public ...
Bush Administration Chimes in on DC Gun Ban Hawaii Reporter
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Gun Control Non Sequiturs
Reason Online, CA - Feb 26, 2008
Over the years, the Brady Campaign has proposed numerous common-sense measures to reduce and prevent gun violence. It may be difficult to stop "suicide ...
Where's the Debate Over Gun Control?
AlterNet, CA - Feb 23, 2008
Gun control used to be one of those bread and butter issues for Democrats, but recent years have seen the party's rapid evolution towards staunch protectors ...
Gun control not likely to stop crime
Retriever, MD - Feb 25, 2008
By Elizabeth Kudirka After tragedies like the Virginia Tech shooting and the recent Northern Illinois University shooting, the discussion of gun control ...


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