Saturday, February 9, 2008

Consider yourself a suspected Criminal and you now have to prove that your DNA is innocent, after a comparison from the DNA Dragnet evidence collected from another crime scene?

DAYTONA BEACH - Any day now, Daytona Beach police will begin seeking DNA samples from every person they arrest, hoping to help nab the serial killer who has slain four women here.

Chief Mike Chitwood said the launch of the new and relatively rare policy will provide his investigators -- who have recovered the killer's DNA from two victims -- with a valuable tool in their pursuit.

"They get cuffed, we're going after DNA," the chief said late Wednesday. Last year, Daytona Beach police arrested 11,000 people. "DNA is going to replace fingerprints soon. Whether we're doing it now for the serial-killer investigation or whatever . . . DNA is going to be useful as a tool."

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