Friday, February 1, 2008 (Pressemitteilung)
The Associated Press - 5 hours ago
BOSTON (AP) — A computer science student who unwittingly created an airport bomb scare by wearing a blinking circuit board attached to her shirt had a First ...
Woman charged with wearing fake bomb says device was free speech Boston Globe
Lawyer: Maui MIT Student's Fake Bomb Was Free Speech
Woman charged with wearing fake bomb says device was free speech Providence Eyewitness News
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Fake bomb parts slip by Tampa screener
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Jan 29, 2008
Parts of a fake bomb slipped past a screener at Tampa International Airport, but the security breach only led to remedial training, the Transportation ...
TSA tester slips mock bomb past airport security - Jan 28, 2008
He picks up his belongings and walks freely into the airport, the fake bomb still fastened to his back. TSA officials say the Tampa test demonstrates the ...
CNN: Official Sneaks Fake Bomb Past TIA Security
Tampa Tribune, FL - Jan 28, 2008
The mock bomb was carried in an elastic back support by a man with 40 years in law enforcement and did not have any metal components, CNN says in a report ...
TSA passes a fake bomb through checkpoints at Tampa International ...
ABC Action News, FL - Jan 28, 2008
TAMPA -- Members of the Transportation Security Administration or TSA recently conducted a security check at Tampa International Airport recently. ...


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