Thursday, February 28, 2008, Sri Lanka - Feb 25, 2008
London, A new study has suggested that the Earth would face destruction when the Sun expands into a red giant in about 7.6 billion years from now. ...

Sun will swallow Earth: Official
Register, UK - 19 hours ago
By Lester Haines → More by this author Two scientists from the University of Sussex and Mexico's University of Guanajuato appear to have confirmed that if ...

Earth's final sunset predicted

USA Today - Feb 26, 2008
"Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice," wrote the poet Robert Frost. Astronomers, it turns out, are in the former camp.

A new calculation predicts that Earth will be swallowed up by the sun in 7.6 billion years, capping off a longstanding debate over whether the sun's gravitational pull will have weakened enough for Earth to escape final destruction or not.

Other theorists have predicted that our planet will fry as the sun expands in its old age. But the time estimates have varied by a couple billion years.

"Although people have looked at these problems before, we would claim this is the best attempt that's been made to date, and probably the most reliable," said astronomer Robert Smith, emeritus reader at the U.K.'s University of Sussex, who made the new calculations with astronomer Klaus-Peter Schroeder of the University of Guanajuato in Mexico. "What we've done is to refine existing models and to put the best calculations we can at each point in the model."

If 7.6 billion years doesn't sound like an urgent death sentence, don't relax yet. Regardless of whether Earth will ultimately be vaporized, as the sun heats up, our planet will become too hot to live on before then.

Astronomers Say Dying Sun Will Engulf Earth
Slashdot - Feb 26, 2008
As the sun ages and enters the red giant stage of its life, it will heat up, making the earth inhospitable. It will also expand, driven by helium fusion so ...

Solar Cycle 24 Has Started

"Solar physicists have been waiting for the appearance of a reversed-polarity sunspot to signal the start of the next solar cycle. As of Friday, that wait is over. A magnetically reversed, high-latitude sunspot emerged on the surface of the sun. Just a few months ago, an 'All Quiet Alert' had been issued for the sun. This reversed-polarity sunspot marks the beginning of the sun's return back to Solar Maximum. Solar Cycle 24 has been the subject of much speculation due to competing forecasts on whether it will be a highly active or a quiet low cycle. If it is a low cycle, it may very well be a test of validity for some CO2 based global warming theories. Only time will tell."

The auroras are dancing over Scandinavia. Hanneke Luijting of Tromso, Norway, sends this report: "Last night, we had to drive slowly behind a family of moose (who preferred to jog right in the middle of the road instead of going left or right) to get these images. It was an incredible show!" Here is the view recorded by his Canon 350D:

Predicted Sunspot Numbers and Radio Flux
:Created: 2008 Feb 06 0600 UTC
# Prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).
# Please send comments and suggestions to
# Sunspot Number: S.I.D.C. Brussels International Sunspot Number.
# 10.7cm Radio Flux value: Penticton, B.C. Canada.
# Prediction values are based on an average of the ISES panel cycle 24 forecasts
# of 13-month running smoothed values. The panel does not consider this to be a
# correct interpretation of their predictions. See the README3 file for further information.

eitspin.gif picture by neverkneo

Odd SOHO spin

Something is very wrong with the Sun - 284 wavelength dropping

NASA baffled by unexplained force acting on space probes
USA Today - 13 hours ago
The researchers looked at six deep-space probes — Galileo I and II to Jupiter, the NEAR mission to the asteroid Eros, the Rosetta probe to a comet, ...
NASA Stumped by Mysterious Force Affecting Space Probes, Germany - 11 hours ago
Five spacecraft that have flown past the Earth have displayed unexpected anomolies in their motion through space, and NASA can't explain it. ...

MoonLITE Project To Have 'Mole' Penetrators - 15 hours ago
A satellite would be placed in orbit around the Moon carrying penetrator probes. These probes would be dropped from orbit, penetrating the lunar crust. ...

Solar mission freezes to death, WTF???

Sky & T
Ulysses Solar Probe Near Death
Aviation Week, NY - 4 hours ago
By Frank Morring, Jr./Aerospace Daily & Defense Report Controllers fear the Ulysses solar probe will soon reach the end of its useful service life, ... (subscription)
Ulysses Says Goodbye Sky & Telescope
Ulysses mission coming to a natural end Science Centric
Aero-News Network
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Ulysses solar probe nears end
PRESS TV, Iran - Feb 26, 2008
NASA and the European Space Agency announce that their joint solar probe, Ulysses, is on the verge of death after traveling to Jupiter. ...
Freezing end looms for solar probe
The Press Association - Feb 23, 2008
After 17 years of studying the sun and solar system, the Ulysses solar probe is about to die by freezing to death, Nasa and the European Space Agency said. ...

Solar Satellite Near Death
Discovery Channel - Feb 25, 2008
Several previous probes had looked at the solar equator, but only Ulysses, named after the Greek hero in Homer's "Odyssey," looked at the sun from ...

Ulysses probe near end of its usefulness
Winston-Salem Journal, NC - Feb 22, 2008
AP The Ulysses solar probe, after 17 years of studying the sun and solar system, is about to freeze, NASA and the European Space Agency said yesterday. ...
Solar Probe's 17-Year Life Coming To Freezing End
Wired News - Feb 22, 2008
His namesake, the Ulysses probe that has studied the solar environment for more than 17 years, lasted longer. But it's not coming home. ...
NASA announces retirement of legendary solar explorer: Ulysses
iTWire, Australia - Feb 23, 2008
Ulysses has set the bar on solar science data collection quite high." [NASA press release] The NASA/European Space Agency (ESA) robotic space probe was ...
Ulysses Spacecraft on its Last Legs
Slashdot - Feb 23, 2008
Ulysses has set the bar on solar science data collection quite high." "The data and science output of this mission truly deserves to be named after the ...
Ulysses mission to study the sun predicted to end in 2008, UK - Feb 25, 2008
Ulysses has set the bar on solar science data collection quite high." Scientists are hoping to run

Unique Solar Probe Freezing To Death
Today's THV, AR - Feb 27, 2008
Most of the planets line up along the same geometric plane generally around the middle of the sun and that's where most of the space probes orbit, too. ...

Irish Independent
Irish Independent, Ireland - Feb 27, 2008
travelling further, faster than ever before - and deepening our We live in an age of unprecedented interplanetary exploration, with space probes...

Trio of Mars orbiters to monitor Phoenix probe's landing
New Scientist (subscription), UK - Feb 28, 2008
NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are now moving three Mars-orbiting spacecraft into position to watch over the landing of NASA's Phoenix probe in ...

Space Ref (press release) - Feb 22, 2008
Remarkably, the fraction of galaxy mass contributed by the nuclei in the faint galaxies is identical to that contributed by supermassive black holes in the ...
Neutron Stars Join the Black-Hole Jet Set, VA - Feb 4, 2008
"This discovery shows that the unusual properties of black holes -- such as the lack of an actual surface -- may not be required to form powerful X-ray jets ...
NASA Sponsors Studies of Next Generation Astronomy Missions
PR Newswire (press release), NY - Feb 15, 2008
A census of black holes in our galaxy and distant galaxies and of the birth of stellar black holes in the early universe (Jonathan Grindlay, Harvard College ...

Scientist Looking for the Force Finally Put CERN's Large Hadron ...
Gizmodo - Feb 22, 2008
Yes, I don't understand it either, so I'm just going to list other of the cool stuff that the LHC will produce: strangelets, micro black holes, ...
The Big Question: Is time travel possible, and is there any chance ...
Independent, UK - Feb 7, 2008
Thorne suggested that by manipulating black holes it might be possible to create a "wormhole" through space-time that would allow someone to travel from one ...
Time Machine To Be Created Underground? Probably Not
Wired News - Feb 7, 2008
It takes an idea from string theory and quantum gravity theories that tiny black holes could be created by the proton-proton collisions at the LHC. ...
Device mimics black hole event horizon, United Kingdom - Feb 13, 2008
Black holes, the remains of collapsed stars, are the most extraordinary objects in the universe, where the pull of gravity is so intense that light is ...

Want to name a mission?
The Statesman, India - Feb 27, 2008
Gamma rays are a very energetic form of radiation found in the most extreme cosmic enviroments, such as near black holes at the centres of galaxies. ...

Official Conspiracy Theory Called "dogma of political correctness"
OpEdNews, PA - 9 hours ago
We're talking black holes and singularities here. This historic plunge is traced to numerous hoaxes Bush pulled on the American people: Iraq, the economy, ...

Raising the Alarm Over Massive and Dangerous New Experiment; Where ...
iTWire, Australia - Feb 4, 2008
Yet this model presents the awful implication: mini black-holes will not disappear as simply as predicted. They will persist, and they will begin compacting ...

Creating Black Hole Using Optical Fibre (press release), Australia - Feb 13, 2008
... of seeing Hawking radiation for the first time.” Leonhardt presented the results at the Cosmology Meets Condensed Matter meeting in London last month.
The lighter side of black holes, UK - Feb 26, 2008
New research suggests that black holes aren’t as devastating to matter as commonly believed. Black holes have been thought to be dead stars that destroy ...
Black holes created in lab with laser
Times of India, India - Feb 14, 2008
WASHINGTON: A research team from the University of St Andrews, UK, claims to have used laser lights to simulate black holes in their laboratory. ...
Laser Light Re-creates 'Black Holes' in the Lab
Slashdot - Feb 14, 2008
... @01:01PM (#22422906) ugh, dude, did you RTFA? this experiment had nothing to do with black holes, singularities, Hawking radiation, or any kind of mass. ...

“Radiation Belt Remediation” Plan Could Affect HF Propagation, Study Suggests

NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 15, 2006 -- A New Zealand university research group believes a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Radiation Belt Remediation” (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation. DARPA reportedly envisions the (RBR) system as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. Headed by Otago Physics Department researcher Craig Rodger, the research group says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer.

“We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world,” Rodger said in an Otego University news release. “Airplane pilots and ships would lose radio contact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale, he added.

Reversing Magnetic Poles Observed in Another Star

News out of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy that for the first time, a magnetic pole reversal has been observed in a star other than our own. Tau Bootis, while similar to the Sun, also has a planet more than six times larger than Jupiter orbiting at only a twentieth of the distance between Earth and the Sun. Scientists hope to use this discovery to learn more about the magnetic dynamics in the Sun, which can affect our telecommunications, among other things.
Western Australia Govt pumps A$20m into star trek
iTWire, Australia - 10 hours ago
... allowing new discoveries in astroparticle physics and cosmology, fundamental physics, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, and solar system science”. ...

Is our cosmos teeming with alien 'unmatter'?

Scientists could have overlooked a new kind of "stuff," reports Roger Highfield

A radical new proposal to explain one of the enduring mysteries of the universe says we are bathed in an entirely new kind of matter, consisting of "unparticles."

  • Cosmic snapshot of dark energy enigma
  • Cosmology study may shed new light on dark matter
  • Astronomers find evidence of 'dark matter'
  • The suggestion that the universe contains a novel kind of "stuff" offers a remarkable way to solve the puzzle of dark matter, which has perplexed cosmologists since it was discovered more than 70 years ago.

    Dark Matter
    Empire Movies, Canada - 13 hours ago
    group, it seems that only hard work stands between When the head of the department, Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn), welcomes Liu Xing into his select cosmology...

    Could meteorite discovery weaken dark energy's case?
    New Scientist (subscription), UK - Feb 28, 2008
    Now we've seen whiskers, there's no harm in looking to see if they have an effect [on dark energy]." Cosmology - Keep up with the latest ideas in our ...

    Supercomputing dark energy, UK - Feb 26, 2008
    The world-leading Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) at Durham University will provide crucial data for the design of a proposed satellite mission ...

    What Banged? Top Scientist Neil Turok at Canada's Perimeter ...
    Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - Feb 27, 2008
    Turok has worked in a number of areas of mathematical and early-universe theory, focusing on observational tests of fundamental physics in cosmology. ...

    Enduring Truths and Cast-Off Notions
    Wall Street Journal - Feb 22, 2008
    When he takes on antropic cosmology -- "seemingly a highly sophisticated brief for intelligent design," according to which "the odds of the big bang ...
    Black holes are 'green', UK - Feb 26, 2008
    ... the fuel efficiency of black holes," said lead author Steve Allen of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University. ...

    Ventura County Reporter
    Do the evolution
    Ventura County Reporter, CA - Feb 28, 2008
    “I was immersing myself in the studies of biology, cosmology, anthropology and all these disciplines related to the entire universe story,” Dowd says. ...

    Radio Telescopes on Moon to Study Cosmic Dark Ages
    Slashdot - Feb 21, 2008
    Quoting: "The Lunar Array for Radio Cosmology (LARC) project ... is planned as a huge array of hundreds of telescope modules designed to pick up ...

    MIT picked to develop telescope for NASA’s use from moon base
    Boston Herald, United States - Feb 20, 2008
    We want to see how the gases (formed) into galaxies,” said professor Jeffrey Hoffman, a member of the Lunar Array for Radio Cosmology project. ...


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