Thursday, January 17, 2008

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Italy - 2 hours ago
For the first time ever a human embryo-clone has been created from a skin cell. The announcement of this success, which paves the way for the use of ...
US team makes embryo clone of men BBC News
Biotech firm claims to clone human embryos with skin cells AFP
CEO uses own DNA to clone embryo National Post
dBTechno - Dog Flu Diet and Diseases
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Scientists Clone Human Embryos
TIME - 30 minutes ago
Back in the 1990s, when the words "cloning" and "stem cells" sounded magically futuristic, any progress at all on either of these biological fronts was ...

To Clone or Not to Clone
Playfeed - 23 hours ago
We understand assembly lines pumping out electronic gadgets at unholy speeds so that the masses can have their toys. But when the FDA announced that cloned ...

CBC Manitoba
Clone appetit
Globe and Mail, Canada - Jan 16, 2008
However, companies that want to label their products as clone-free can make a request to the FDA. Health Canada made no comment yesterday except to say ...
Video: FDA approves cloned food reutersvideo FDA Approves Cloned Meat Washington Post
Clone Announcement Receives Mixed Reviews Farm Futures
Slashdot -
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ABC News
Safe to Eat That Cloned Cow
ABC News - Jan 15, 2008
Deborah 3 is a clone of a prize-winning cow, who was a four-time Iowa fair winner and a top-quality milk producer. Now she is at the center of a debate over ...
Cloning Around Slate
FDA Backs Meat and Milk from Clones; Where's USDA OMB Watch
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Cloned Meat
WETM-TV, NY - 8 hours ago
"Why would you clone something? Then why would you eat it. It just doesn't sound good, it just sounds disgusting."-said Shopper Jean Hostrander That's what ...
Wake Up America OpEdNews
Creeped Out By Cloning? It's the Deep-Level Irreverence Factor Huffington Post
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US FDA declares Cloned Food safe for Human Consumption, India - Jan 15, 2008
“The average farmer is not likely to clone animals. Cloning is not for standard production,” said Terry Etherton, a professor of animal nutrition at ...

Cloned Food Gets "OK" from FDA
G4 TV, CA - Jan 16, 2008
If only you could clone the cow that that steak came from... why, you'd have a shot at repeating perfection! The FDA wants to help you out and to do so, ...
For Your Own Good Mom Logic
FDA Backs Cloned Meat, Milk NBC
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