Monday, January 7, 2008

UPDATED: Fox News busted! "Random" focus group member reappears 4 months later

FOX GOP NH Debate: Focus Group Findings
If FOXNews has a debate, you know we’re going get Frankie “The Hair” Luntz and his focus groups telling us exactly what FOX News wants you to believe. Kind of like how Luntz’s coining of “The Clean Skies Initiative” didn’t actually contribute to clean air but added more pollution to the environment.

So in FOX/Luntz world, the clear winner at the debate was Mitt Romney, who according to these “unaffiliated Republican voters,” stands the best chance of beating Barack Obama, who has suddenly unseated Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic candidate. Why, you ask? “Because he has presence” and “looks good on TV.”

And yet Luntz tries to ask you not to believe your lying ears and believe that these voters are more issue-oriented and less faith-based than their Iowan counterparts. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like a huge leap of faith that someone will win elections and/or be a good President (I’m not convinced that they thought that far ahead) because he looks good on TV.

UPDATE: FDL has video of Paulistas confronting Frankie on his skewing of the Fox focus group.

Frank Luntz Exposed: A Teaser

I wasn’t going to post this until the final article was ready, but since the Daily Paul broke it, I feel a bit pressured to at least offer a teaser.

First of all, if you don’t know who Frank Luntz is, watch this video for some critical background information:

Fox News Used Planted Actor In Focus Groups

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