Tuesday, January 29, 2008

U.S. Homeland Security chief Chertoff on Internet security at Davos ... -

Michael Chertoff spells out how to protect the Internet from being used by potential terrorists.
by Adam Pasick

Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff met with World Leaders in Davos and told them that the government has made “a significant amount of progress” in preventing terrorism.

But Chertoff added that it “would be very, very hard to detect” a “lone wolf” terrorist, who trains and plans alone before carrying out an attack.

“The hardest thing to determine is the purely domestic, self-motivated, self-initiating threat from the guy who never talks to anybody, just gets himself wound up over the Internet,” Chertoff said. — Washington Post

Hey, I never talk to anybody, and I get myself wound up over the Internet. Clearly I must be a terrorist and Homeland Security is looking for me. If I disappear suddenly, send lawyers to Guantanamo Bay to look for me.

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