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The Smear Piece. Jamie Kirchick's smear piece went live on The New Republic's website earlier today. The substance of the piece is simple:

  • A series of different newsletters published using Ron Paul's name (many by a company in which Ron owned only a minority stake) included statements that Kirchick finds offensive.
  • Some of these statements are truly odious.
  • Some are merely politically incorrect (but accurate) and/or contradict Kirchick's ignorant, knee-jerk misconceptions of American history.
  • Not a single one of these statements is actually attributed to Ron Paul himself.
  • All the stylistic evidence suggests just the contrary: that these statements were written by someone other than Dr. Paul.
In a meandering 3700+ word piece resembling a book report written by a very precious middle-schooler dying to display his budding genius to the world, Kirchick bombards the reader with series of "offensive" newsletter quotations and anecdotes about Paul and people with whom Paul has associated over the years. Without a shred of evidence that Paul himself believes any of these things, Kirchick leaps to the gestalt conclusion that Paul must be "a man filled with hate" against gays, blacks and Jews--and asks his readers to trust him in making the same leap.


Paul Fans Prep Ground for Conspiracy Theories
Town Hall, DC - Jan 8, 2008
New Hampshire has the best primary system in the United States. About 40 percent of the polling places hand-count the ballots in public. ...

Diebold Strikes Again!
American Thinker, WA - 4 hours ago
Is it ever going to be possible to have an election in this country where some idiot lefty doesn't believe that voting machines were hacked and the results ...

NH: "First in the nation" (with corporate controlled secret vote ...
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 7, 2008
by Nancy Tobi Page 1 of 1 page(s) 81% of New Hampshire ballots are counted in secret by a private corporation named Diebold Election Systems (now known as ...

As Diebold Goes, So Goes the Nation?
AOL News Newsbloggers, VA - 5 hours ago
By Brandon Barker Conspiracy theories surrounding Diebold, the company that makes electronic voting machines, are not a recent phenomenon. ...

99 Ways to Steal Elections: The Story of John Fund and Ron Paul
OpEdNews, PA - 3 hours ago
When did those Diebold Machines have their software installed? Who wrote it? We really need a time line here. When his book hit the market John was ...

Brad Blog
Another Bad Day for Diebold: Stock Continues to Tank, Falls ...
Brad Blog - Jan 5, 2008
Friday was another very bad for Diebold (DBD), poor dears, though arguably a very good day in kind for those who love America and democracy and stuff. ...

Product Reviews
New Hampshire Vote fraud confirmed: Ron Paul votes not counted
Product Reviews, UK - 57 minutes ago
This is just one example of major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire, with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines “Hillary Clinton reversed a ...
The cat that controls New Hampshire election programming
Online Journal, FL - Jan 7, 2008
One area of disagreement between Hursti and Silvestro was the amount of expertise needed to exploit the Diebold 1.94w optical scan system. ...
Ohio's Alternative to Diebold Machines May Be Equally Bad
Slashdot - Dec 29, 2007
phorest writes "One would have thought the choice of Ohio lawmakers to move away from Diebold touch-screen voting terminals would be welcomed by the ...

Western Montana officials talk about faulty voting machines
KPAX-TV, MT - Jan 8, 2008
Some 44 of the 56 counties in the state use one or more ES&S voting machines and the report says researchers found the M-100 Optical Scanners are ...
44 Montana counties have faulty voting machines KPAX-TV
Group wants county voting machines decertified The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
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Elections Board seeks refund for faulty touch-screen system
The Plain Dealer -, OH - 10 hours ago
... ballots at polling places and the ballots then will be taken to the Board of Elections' warehouse on East 40th Street to be counted by optical scanners. ...
State scrambling to find $31 million Akron Beacon Journal
ACLU: Planned Ohio Voting System Switch Could Violate State Law Kentucky Post
google news commentComment by Carrie Davis Staff Attorney, ACLU of Ohio
Cincinnati Enquirer - Columbus Dispatch
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Sutton township reported Congressman had zero votes, actual number was 31

New Hampshire's Polling Fiasco...

Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.

Vote Fraud CONFIRMED - Paper vs. Electronic Ballots

New Hampshire's Polling Fiasco

Results: Precincts where Ron Paul had 0-3 votes total

Today's Modern Minstrels: Ron Paul Supporters

Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.
Kurt Nimmo
According to a post this evening on the Ron Paul Forums, vote fraud occurred in Sutton, New Hampshire:
Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted:
My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know???

San Diego Union Tribune
New Hampshire Polling: What Went Wrong?
Town Hall, DC - 7 hours ago
Okay, it’s stretching it a bit to compare Hillary and McCain to sub-atomic particles, but still, I believe that the polling results announced all day ...
New Hampshire: The polling gets better
Clinton edges Obama in NH; McCain topples Romney Boston Globe
Narrow, Surprise Win Changes Landscape Hartford Courant - FOX News
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The scene: Lines were long, ballots ran short

Advocates outraged after audit finds polling sites inaccessible
Rhinelander Daily News, WI - 17 hours ago
Advocates for those with disabilities expressed outrage Tuesday at an audit that found many Wisconsin polling places were inaccessible. ...
Advocates Outraged After Audit Finds Wisconsin Polling Sites ... WSAW
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LIVE: Ballot shortages at some polling places
The Salem News, MA - 16 hours ago
Salem Town Clerk Barbara Lessard said several of Salem's polling places had run out of Democratic ballots at various times during the day, forcing them to ...

Some Polling Places Running Out Of Ballots In NH
CBS 11, TX - 21 hours ago
Read more in our Privacy Policy BOSTON (CBS) ― Record voter turn out for the New Hampshire primary is having an unexpected and bad consequence: some polling ...

Polling clerk charged with hiding ballot papers
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Kenya - 23 hours ago
A polling clerk at the just concluded general elections was on Tuesday charged with plucking and hiding twelve blank Electoral Commission of Kenya ...

Americans Slam News Media on Believability
Reuters - Jan 8, 2008
How the Poll Was Conducted The Sacred Heart University Polling Institute completed 800 interviews with residents nationwide between November 26 - December 5 ...

Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire
BostonNOW, MA - 34 minutes ago
Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire are circulating after Hillary Clinton reversed a mammoth pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama with ...

MSN Money UK
Why Clinton victory doesn't compute
Computerworld, MA - 1 hour ago
Conspiracy theorists might want to chime in here with e-voting fraud explanation. But then, much of New Hampshire still uses paper ballots.

Did racist voters cost Obama the primary?
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 11 hours ago
But before jumping to the conclusion that racist voters cost Obama the primary, there is evidence that contradicts the impact of the Bradley effect in New ...

Watchword went from 'change' to 'comeback'

Boston Globe
Michael Winship: Tears for Fears
BuzzFlash, IL - 1 hour ago
And maybe it was the tears. She didn't really cry, but when asked by a voter on Monday how she kept going, Senator Clinton's voice cracked and her eyes ...
Video: Clinton Chokes Up At Campaign Event wcvbtv Tears in New Hampshire: Ed Muskie and Hillary Clinton The Moderate Voice
Tears of a candidate: Clinton's emotions flow AFP
Newsweek - Rocky Mountain News
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Seattle Post Intelligencer
Bill Clinton: Tears won Hillary New Hampshire, United Kingdom - 1 hour ago
In what her advisers believe was a turning point in the Former First Lady's White House bid, tears welled up in Mrs Clinton's eyes and her voice dropped to ...
Hillary's tears turn to smiles after New Hampshire win Times of India
The Tracks of Her Tears New York Times
Rivals pounce on Clinton's tears
Taipei Times - Chicago Tribune
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Product Reviews
Tears helped Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire comeback
Times Online, UK - 1 hour ago
A rare moment of public emotion in a New Hampshire coffee shop was credited today with helping to bring Hillary Clinton back from the political dead and ...
Hillary Clinton braced for a second defeat Times Online
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VIDEO: Bill Sheds a Tear for Hillary's Win...

Hillary and the political crying game
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 2 hours ago
It was a watershed in the race to be the democratic nominee for the White House. Hillary Clinton, trailing in the polls and deafened by talk of Barack Obama ... (subscription)
Mrs. Clinton's Calculated Tears Set Back Feminism Fifty Years (subscription), CA - Jan 7, 2008
This is Bill Clinton coaching her, "Look, don't bite your lower lip like I do, they'll accuse you of copying me, do some fake tears out there, ...

Bill Clinton's Fake Tear Years
at the funeral of one of his fundraiser stooges,Commerce Secretary Ron Brown

This is Bill Clinton arriving at the funeral of one of his fundraiser stooges,
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. You can see him laughing it up with his buddy Tony Campolo as they're walking towards the funeral service, but then Slick Willy catches the camera and starts tearing up. Pretty good acting job.

"DISINFO ALERT: Problems with Paper Ballots in NH Innacurately ...
Brad Blog - 13 hours ago
As if to say: "Had their only been electronic voting machines in New Hampshire, this sort of thing wouldn't have happened." Trouble is, a quick call to the ...

NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results ...
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - 3 hours ago
They used one of the worst voting systems in America and then handed programming of every memory card in New Hampshire over to a private outfit run by John ...
Move Over Click Fraud, Vote Fraud Is Here!
ADOTAS, NY - 21 hours ago
Today’s New Hampshire primary got me thinking about voting in general and online voting specifically. In the wake of the Florida vote recount of 2000,

MSNBC Blames Voters for Bad NH Polls, If Only Archie Bunker Called
NewsBusters - 9 hours ago
I would like to see an inquest on these polls and the methodology because we have always learned eventually what went wrong with polling. ...
Precinct Polling Propaganda Problem
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 6, 2008
by Jeff Maehr Page 1 of 1 page(s) It amazes me how excited some people in this country get over the first precinct caucuses. Iowa, New Hampshire. ...

Customs agents probe alleged Nassau voter fraud
Newsday, NY - Jan 8, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton in New Hampshire. Reached there, Nassau Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs said, "I don't know what the nature of it is. ...

Vote Fraud CONFIRMED - Paper vs. Electronic Ballots

By greves | January 8, 2008

A Ron Paul fan has put together this wonderful little table that shows precisely what happened in the towns with paper ballots vs. the towns with Diebold Accuvote optical scanner electronic voting machines.

You can see clearly by looking at the column in red how much the electronic voting machines gave or took away from a candidate. Ron Paul lost 2%+, whereas Giuliani got a 0.5% boost, stealing 4th from Ron Paul. You can also see that Mitt Romney really didn’t have 31%, but something closer to 25%, a throw of 6% in his favor.

If you’re skeptical that these numbers are indeed meaningful, just look at the Democratic field using the link on the page. No statistical difference except for 2 candidates: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Clinton got a 5-point boost from the machines, whereas Obama got a 2-point drop. With only a 3-point spread in the final count, it is obvious that Obama won New Hampshire - the establishment throws for their fellow Bilderberger.

Comma delimited database: NH municipalities hand count vs use Diebold machines:

John Silvestro and his small private business, LHS Associates, has the exclusive programming contracts for all New Hampshire voting machines, which combined will count about 81 percent of the vote tomorrow.

Silvestro IS the New Hampshire chain of custody

Or at least a very large component in it.

Last fall, with the help of some New Hampshire citizens, Black Box Voting began working on a "New Hampshire Chain of Custody" project, in which we identified some of the areas of concern that might affect many jurisdictions at once. First on the list is LHS Associates, a vendor with inside access to every memory card in New Hampshire, as well as to the chips containing the "brain" of the Diebold optical scan machines.

LHS Associates programs all the memory cards in New Hampshire and Connecticut; about all of Vermont's voting machines, and has a lock on almost all of Massachusetts as well.


In an unusual confluence of available video, we obtained footage of Silvestro grappling with Harri Hursti, the master hacker who had his way with the Diebold optical scans in Leon County, Florida in the famous exploit that was showcased in the film Hacking Democracy.

How New Hampshire Primary Election Was Rigged

How New Hampshire Primary Election Was Rigged It's been all downhill for Howard Dean since he lost the New Hampshire primary by a significant margin.

But, now questions are being raised about the security of New Hampshire's voting system in the wake of a recent analysis of the election results. It could add up to nothing, but it does underscore how easily technology can be used to sabotage the voting process.

Vote Fraud
If you are new to the "computer vote fraud vs. honest elections" issue, ... a Fair Vote Count videotaped a real exit poll in New Hampshire during the 1996 ...

Ron Paul, loser again

Turkish Press
Los Angeles Times, CA - 1 hour ago
For months now the growing thousands of Ron Paul supporters across the country have been saying virtually everywhere they could, including the comments ...
Obama and Paul poll workers kicked out of some precincts Boston Globe
Paul Supporters Out-Shout Clinton’s New York Times
Today's Modern Minstrels: Ron Paul Supporters Huffington Post
The Daily News of Newburyport - Homeland Stupidity (satire)
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Ron Paul-Is Being Against the War Enough?
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 6, 2008
Nor can I ignore Mr. Paul's position against women's reproductive choice. His vote to ban gay adoptions in DC ticks me off as does his vote against ...

Christian Post
Paul hopes cash gets him to Super Tuesday
Houston Chronicle, United States - 8 hours ago
By BENNETT ROTH CONCORD, NH — Despite trailing most of the major GOP candidates in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, Ron Paul is banking that a hefty ...
Ron Paul rebels to GOP rivals and media: "Bring out your dead" The Spoof (satire)
Independents, late decisions give Paul hope Nolan Chart LLC
When Will Ron Paul Quit? National Ledger
Lew Rockwell - Donklephant
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Ron Paul Statement on The New Republic Article Regarding Old ...
Reuters - 16 hours ago
(Business Wire)--In response to an article published by The New Republic, Ron Paul issued the following statement: "The quotations in The New Republic ...
Ron Paul Wins Nevada Republican Assembly Straw Poll Reuters
Other Candidates Parrot Dr. Paul's Message of Liberty & Limited ... Reuters
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Lycos Announces Ron Paul Continues to Lead Popularity Vote with ...
PR Newswire (press release), NY - 56 minutes ago
Ron Paul 2. Mike Huckabee 3. Hillary Clinton 4 Mitt Romney 5. Barack Obama 6. Fred Thompson 7. John Edwards 8. John McCain 9. Alan Keyes 10. ...

Hillary Rodham Clinton pulled off a big New Hampshire win Tuesday night with strong support from Democratic partisans and women, setting the stage for a protracted fight for the nomination over the next month and possibly beyond.

New Hampshire Primary: All About Gender And The MSM
OpEdNews, PA - 10 hours ago
The polling was probably accurate until Sunday when the women gave Hillary a protest vote against the MSM. I applaud the NH voters for that. ...

Ron Paul: Racist
PoliGazette, Netherlands - 16 hours ago
The bad news for Ron Paul and his supporters? It leaves little room for doubt. Paul’s newsletters have carried different titles over the years–Ron Paul’s ...

Paul vs. TNR
New Republic (subscription), DC - 15 hours ago
Lest we believe too much of the "somebody else musta wrote it" excuses that are now emanating from today's Ron Paul, note that the *same page* of the ...
Man, F&%K Ron Paul!
Vibe, NY - 10 hours ago
For the past 6 months, my email inbox has been inundated with questions from my loyal readers concerning Ron Paul - they either asked my overall feelings ...

GOP on the spot Gay
Washington Blade, DC - Jan 4, 2008
REPUBLICAN RON PAUL surprised many when, in an interview with ABC News Dec. 20, said he thinks gays should be able to marry. “Sure they can do whatever they ...

Ron Paul’s Anti-Gay Letters Make Us Limp
Queerty, NY - 18 hours ago
…Gays earn plenty of animus in Paul’s newsletters. They frequently quoted Paul’s “old colleague,” Congressman William Dannemeyer–who advocated quarantining ...

Why Ron Paul's left-wing champions are wrong
Socialist Worker Online, IL - 5 hours ago
ELIZABETH SCHULTE challenges those on the left who speak out for Republican Ron Paul on the basis of his opposition to the war. MAYBE YOU'VE seen them at ... > Opinion > A-Paul-ed: Gay Libertarians face off over Ron Paul, CA - 14 hours ago
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul aggressively opposes the Iraq war, the war on drugs, the Patriot Act and numerous actions of the Federal Reserve. ...
Ron Paul Revolutionizes Foreign Policy New University Online
Ron Paul Promises Nothing American Chronicle
Debating “Revolution,” “Individual Liberty,” “States Rights,” and ... Bay Area Indymedia
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After New Hampshire Ron Paul hires Karl Rove??
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - 7 hours ago
by John Armstrong I was just thinking about what a hellaciously bad ideological match yet incredibly successful political match this could be tonight after ...

The Spoof (satire)
Ron Paul 'Ecstatic" Over Iowa Victory
The Spoof (satire), UK - Jan 5, 2008
Des Moines, IA: Republican residential contender Ron Paul claims he is 'ecstatic over his victory' in the Iowa political caucuses. Paul, who finished a ...


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