Friday, January 18, 2008

Man videos what he believes to be UFO's Jan 17/08

Jan 17/08.(TEXT FROM SOURCE,FROM MAN WHO FILMED IT)This took place last night in southwestern PA. This is very similar to the San Diego sighting although this was much stranger due to lights blinking.

Notice, in the upper-mid left a strange rapid shooting star effect.

I was shocked and afraid (only complaining about the cold since it was 20 degrees and I was in a t-shirt). I called the police and by the time anyone looked they were gone. No one that I know of saw it, but I got video proof!!!!

I happened to look out my window and caught a faint glimpse of something orangish-red and stepped out on my porch to see it. I didn't hear any sounds, which would be expected for jets or helicopters. The strangest part about this is the rapidly moving object seen on the left, i couldn't even make out its shape, just seemed like a streak of light. The best way to see is enlarge video full screen, and look around the 5-10 second mark.


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