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'Black Pope' to stand down
'Black Pope' to stand down. Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:00:33 -0600. neverknwo · R130113 2 years ago. neverknwo. Chief Rabbi Asks Dalai Lama to Help Set up ... - 46k -

Jesuits to elect 'black pope'

StarPhoenix, Canada - 5 hours ago
Their leader is traditionally known as "the black pope" because of the colour of the simple cassock he wears and because -- like the pope who dresses in ...

Jesuits to vote for 'Black Pope', United Kingdom - Jan 6, 2008
By Malcolm Moore in Rome A conclave to elect the new "Black Pope" begins in Rome on Monday, with Jesuits from around the world gathering to choose a leader. ...
Jesuits to Elect a New "Black Pope"
TIME - Jan 4, 2008
Head of Jesuits known as Black Pope, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach seen with Pope Benedict XVI, will be replaced for the first time in 25 years. ...
Aussie in race to head Jesuits
The Australian, Australia - Jan 7, 2008
Mark Raper, the Provincial of the Australian Jesuits, is believed to be among the favoured replacements for outgoing black pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, ...
Jesuits choose new Pope beginning today
EiTB, Spain - Jan 7, 2008
... General Congregation in which the next Superior will be chosen, the so called “Black Pope”, and who will substitute the Dutch Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. ...

Spero News
Cardinal addresses Jesuits and calls for fidelity
Spero News - Jan 8, 2008
The current "black pope" succeeded the Spaniard Pedro Arrupe, who was the first Jesuit Superior General in history to resign. ...
Powerful Catholic order, the Jesuits, in Rome to elect new superior
Ecumenical News International, Switzerland - Jan 10, 2008
The Society of Jesus, whose members are called Jesuits, one of the largest and most powerful Catholic orders, is holding a meeting in Rome at which it is to ...

Black Christ to be venerated in New York

Jan 10, 2008 | Martin Barillas
Sculpted in the 1500s, a black image of Jesus is venerated by Hispanics from south of the border to New Mexico. Catholics mark the commemoration of the image on January 15.

Philippine Headline News, Philippines - Jan 9, 2008
It is widely believed that the Black Nazarene, a life-size image of a “black” Jesus Christ carrying a cross, is miraculous. Devotees who would be able to ...

Dunn County News
Holy Land adventures - Little peace exists where ‘Prince of Peace ...
Dunn County News, WI - Jan 9, 2008
Graffiti on the wall expressed frustration and prayers for peace. There is little peace, however, where the Prince of Peace was born. ...
Peace – when there is no peace
Gilroy Dispatch (subscription), CA - Dec 22, 2007
Peace is a relational word and peace in the midst of our dark brutal world will only come through a relationship with this "Prince of Peace" that Isaiah ...

The name that brings peace
Clanton Advertiser, AL - Dec 15, 2007
The prophecy concerning His birth in Isaiah 9:6 refers to him as the "Prince of Peace." Zacharias, in Luke 1:79, prophesied that He would "guide our feet ...
Bush Sees 'Signed Peace Treaty' for Mideast
NPR - Jan 10, 2008
And, Michele, as we've just heard, President Bush said a Mideast peace treaty will be completed by the time he leaves office. He believes that, at least. ...
Bush: Mideast Leaders Ready for Tough Choices NPR
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Nudging Mideast peace?
Toronto Star, Canada - 5 hours ago
US President George Bush paid a welcome visit to the Middle East this week to give a "pretty significant nudge" to Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, ...
Video: Inside Story - Bush's visit to the M East - 09 Jan 08 - Pt 2 AlJazeeraEnglish Blair optimistic on Mideast peace BBC News
Bush: Mideast Peace by Year's End ABC News
The Associated Press - The Associated Press
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Bush arrives in Kuwait on Mideast peace mission
CNN International - 4 hours ago
... President Bush arrived Friday at the first of five Arab nations on his Mideast mission to seek support for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. ...
No breakthrough in Bush Mideast peace mission
Bush Seeks Arab Support for Peace The Associated Press
Bush urges Arab nations to support Mideast peace process Khaleej Times
The Associated Press
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Monsters and
Britain's Blair says Mideast peace deal possible this year
Jerusalem Post, Israel - 17 hours ago
By AP Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday he believed a Middle East peace deal was possible before the end of the year. ...
Video: Inside Story - Bush wants peace in 2008 - 10 jan 08 AlJazeeraEnglish all 22 news articles »

Voice of America
Bush pushes for action on Middle East peace efforts
Newsday, NY - Jan 10, 2008
Taken together, the challenges of bringing the Israelis and Palestinians together six weeks after they committed themselves to new talks during a Mideast ...
Video: Gaza resident reflects on Bush's visit - 10 Jan 08 AlJazeeraEnglish all 430 news articles »

Boston Globe
AP Top News at 9:24 am EST
The Associated Press - Jan 10, 2008
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — President Bush on Thursday predicted that a Mideast peace treaty would be completed by the time he leaves office, and named a US ...
Bush Sees Opportunity for Mideast Peace
No peace deal but Bush has high hopes Shanghai Daily
Bush Visits Kuwait To Promote Peace Deal Guardian Unlimited
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APN Commends Bush for Pushing to Advance Mideast Peace
Americans for Peace Now - 16 hours ago
"In addition to tenacity, Mideast peace leadership of the kind that the President is promising to assume imposes responsibility. ...
Bush in West Bank, Proposes Steps to Peace Deal NPR
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Zenit News Agency, Italy - Jan 10, 2008
Jesuits live in a time of waiting to fulfill their desire to return to China, said their superior-general, since the mission in that country is so directly ...

Before St. Ignatius' tomb, Jesuits pray for guidance with election
Catholic News Service - Jan 7, 2008
By Cindy Wooden ROME (CNS) -- Before the tomb of their founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, 225 Jesuits prayed that God would be present with them as they elect ...

Superior says new Jesuit leader will show order's vision of future
Catholic News Service - Jan 4, 2008
By Cindy Wooden VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- As the Jesuits choose a new superior general, they will be emphasizing their vision for the future, ...

Pope tells astronomers to pack up their telescopes
Register, UK - Jan 4, 2008
According to the paper, the Jesuits who run the observatory are putting a brave face on their enforced removal, with the observatory's director Father Jose ...

National Catholic Reporter
Jesuits plan for life post-Kolvenbach
National Catholic Reporter - Dec 26, 2007
By RAYMOND A. SCHROTH There’sa story in the 1892 Jesuit review Woodstock Letters where an older Jesuit tells a younger man who is about to start teaching ...
Mangalore: Six Jesuits Ordained by Bishop in City - Pics, India - Dec 27, 2007
Mangalore, Dec 28: Bishop Fr Aloysius Paul D'Souza ordained six Jesuits in the Society of Jesus on Thursday, December 27. Melwyn Pinto from Neerude, ...
The New Jesuit Superior General Is...
America Magazine (subscription), NY - Jan 3, 2008
Get ready for the start of the Jesuits' 35th General Congregation, whose first order (or nearly first order) of business will be to elect a new superior ...

  • UPI - Jan 02 11:55 AM
    Experts at the Field Museum of natural History in Chicago say that a recently restored Chinese scroll is evidence of Christian missionary work in China.

  • - Jan 02 3:14 PM
    Experts at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago say that a recently restored Chinese scroll is evidence of Christian missionary work in China.The scroll depicts a Madonna with the Infant Jesus. While Mary looks European, Jesus has hair done in the Chinese style.Lauren Arnold, an art expert and author of a book on art brought to China by Franciscan missionaries, told the Chicago Tribune ...
  • 55. - Jan 02 12:08 PM
    Experts at the Field Museum of natural History in Chicago say that a recently restored Chinese scroll is evidence of Christian missionary work in China. The scroll depicts a Madonna with the Infant Jesus. While Mary looks European, Jesus has hair done in ...

Chicago Tribune - Jan 01 4:43 PM
After a restoration, the Field Museum's early Chinese painting of the Madonna and Child gets a second look As a pair of conservators at the Field Museum slowly unrolled an ancient Chinese scroll, it dramatically revealed how far the Christian faith has traveled since that first Christmas in Bethlehem.


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