Friday, January 11, 2008

He won the Fox text poll...AGAIN! Then FOX ATTACKS!!!! Again.....

"I have a snowball for you".... Like Ron Paul threw the snowball at Sean H.

They are boarderline slandering the 10-term Texas Congressmen.

What do you think?

Larry Fester
Analysis-Republican Congressman Ron Paul won the GOP debate. Fox News apparently feeling pressure after censoring Ron Paul from the last GOP forum two days prior to the New Hampshire primary, included Paul in tonight’s debate.Paul was actually given equal time to speak and he embarrassed his opponents on foreign policy, especially John McCain who had said prior to the debate that he would not mind keeping U.S. troops in Iraq for 100 years.Paul pointed out that the U.S. can’t afford the Iraq war and is borrowing from China to finance it.Paul was also the only candidate to recognize that the U.S. is already in a recession that could get much worse. He also said that the real estate market was already in a depression.Paul spoke about monetary policy as the cause of the recession. His opponents did not seem too familiar with the topic.

Ron Paul Wins, Luntz loses


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