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Fox News - Media Control over election process

Good thing we still have PBS.... Fox News Corp - this may be the best explaination as to why Ron Paul was excluded from their debate, even after beating Rudy in Iowa and having 17 million more in campaign funds than Rudy... hummmmmm??? Oh ya Rudy is buddies with Rupert of course...

FOX to Ron Paul supporters: stop emailing us!
News Hounds, CA - 2 hours ago
FOX is hosting another Republican debate tonight, 1/10/08, in South Carolina and this time Dr. Ron Paul will be included. News-reader Alisyn Camerota ...

ABC News
Ron Paul Confirmed for Thursday's Fox News Debate
Lew Rockwell, CA - 15 hours ago
South Carolina Republican Party officials confirmed today that Ron Paul will participate in the next debate to be broadcast by Fox News this Thursday. ...
Jay Leno Asks Ron Paul Why Media Is Censoring Him ConnieTalk
New Hampshire: The Fox Factor, Ron Paul, and the Coming “Blacklash” WEBCommentary
Ron Paul, muffled by Fox, wows Jay Leno Los Angeles Times
ABC News -
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Wonkette (satire)
Scaredy Cats at Fox News Appease Paul
Wonkette (satire), DC - 6 hours ago
And after suffering hilarious Paultard riots, chases and pickup fights, Fox has invited Dr. Pres. Rep. Ron Paul to participate this time, along with those ...
Fox Debate Focus Re Paul Newsletters
Free Market News Network, FL - 6 hours ago
Fox News will broadcast another debate with the Republican presidential candidates tonight, and will include Ron Paul in this edition. ...

Fox News’ decision to exclude Paul from forum suspect, IL - Jan 9, 2008
Then comes Fox News on Sunday deciding to bar candidate Ron Paul and Hunter from its GOP forum. Paul, a renegade Republican candidate, received 10 percent ...

Fox News lies, CO - 3 hours ago
Recently Hannity was chased out of a restaurant and down a New Hampshire street by Republicans supporting Ron Paul chanting "FoxNews sucks! ...

Product Reviews
"Hey Ron Paul, I'm in your primary stealing your v0tez "
OpEdNews, PA - 8 hours ago
Initially the reports released said that no one voted for Ron Paul in that town, but a woman claiming to be from Sutton commented online that she and her ...
New Hampshire Vote fraud confirmed: Ron Paul votes not counted Product Reviews
Was There Vote Count Fraud in NH? Free Market News Network
NH Voting Fraud
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Found 7 hours ago
As far as the New Hampshire primary goes, I've already stated my belief that the ballots were adjusted in favor of the Lizard Queen. This demonstration of the difference between verifiable hand ballots and unverifiable machine ones shows how the chicanery may have been accomplished. As both the ballot data and the media coverage tend to indicate, the Republican elites are far more worried about Huckabee than Paul.
Found 13 hours ago
Apparently, Clinton received a much larger percentage in machine-counted than in hand-counted votes in the recent primary that surprised everybody with a result much more favorable for her than expected . I don't care much about which Democrat becomes the next American president. The largest achievement of the present one (what was his name again?) is to make sure that no Republican will be elected to that office for the next fifty years. However, there is still a small chance that the Republicans get away with stealing three presidential elections in a row.
Found 1 day ago
According to a Ron Paul site, Hillary Clinton got 34.908% of the votes counted by hand and 39.618% of the votes by machine. Alternatively, Obama received 38.617% of the hand-counted votes and 36.309% of the machine-counted votes. In fact, every one of the five other Democratic candidates received a lower percentage of votes on machines versus hand-counting. Only Hillary skewed, and skewed enough to win, by her popularity via machines. What a coincidence! There is a similar skew on the Republican side towards Mitt Romney and against the rest of the Republican field.
Found 7 hours ago
2008 New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results --Total ...
Found 23 hours ago
There was a statistically-significant discrepancy between precincts that hand-counted ballots and the Diebold-counted precincts- for Clinton only. Here is another analysis . The hand-count precincts tend to have fewer voters. It's possible that Clinton won because she was more popular in the large precincts which happen to be tallied by Diebold machines.
Found 93 days ago
According to a voter in Sutton, New Hampshire , three of her family members voted for Ron Paul, yet when she checked the voting map on the Politico website, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.
Found 12 hours ago
The Ron Paul campaign is crying fowl as well. With New Hampshire being small enough, one can backtrack and determine whether the votes listed are accurate or not. In one precent, 0 Ron Paul ballots were logged and the author of this statement knows how he voted. He also knows others who voted the same way.
Found 12 hours ago
According to a voter in Sutton, New Hampshire , three of her family members voted for Ron Paul, yet when she checked the voting map on the Politico website, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.
Found 8 hours ago
An analysis of the hand-counted votes compared to the machine-counted ballots in New Hampshire shows that Obama actually won the Democratic primary , McCain's win on the GOP side was even bigger than announced, and Huckabee and Paul scored better than they thought . (That wasn't too surprising after voters came forward on C-SPAN claiming to have voted for Rep. Paul in precincts that reported none.) The big losers in the hand count? Hillary, who drops 5.4 percentage points, and Mitt Romney, whose share of the vote drops about 7-1/2 points.
Found 5 hours ago
Obama: -2.308% (-6,604 votes) 2008 New Hampshire Republican Primary Results _
Found 3 hours ago
Westech writes "Multiple indications of vote fraud are beginning to pop up regarding the New Hampshire primary elections. Roughly 80% of New Hampshire precincts use Diebold machines, while the remaining 20% are hand counted. A Black Box Voting contributor has compiled a chart of results from hand counted precincts vs. results from machine counted precincts. In machine counted precincts, Clinton beat Obama by almost 5%. In hand counted precincts, Obama beat Clinton by over 4%, which closely matches the scientific polls that were conducted leading up to the election.

PLEASE Sign The Petition To Demand A Recount In NH

By Winstons Myth | January 10, 2008

If you believe that, in the interests of ensuring a free and fair election takes place in a nation that is currently fighting wars in the Middle East to force other nations offer their citizens the same, a full recount is necessary in New Hampshire, then please go and sign this petition.

Every vote MUST be counted, regardless of who that vote may be for.

Media Struggles To Whitewash Clinton Vote Fraud Suspicions

The media has gone into overdrive trying to whitewash Hillary Clinton's inexplicable defeat of Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary and sideline questions about vote fraud, with the latest excuse being that Clinton's name appeared above Obama's on the ballot paper.

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