Tuesday, January 22, 2008

REACT: Are UFO's Flying over San Antonio?
WOAI, TX - 2 hours ago
According to News Radio 1200 WOAI, UFO's were spotted in the skies west of San Antonio by people on the Northwest Side of the city. (News 4) Dozens reported ...

Stephenville UFO Sighting Far From Over
San Angelo LIVE!, TX - Jan 21, 2008
By Jennifer Litz After Steve Hudgeons, assistant state director for the Mutual UFO Network of Texas, visited Stephenville, Texas, Saturday, he was only sure ...
Sundogs bite as UFOs Earth & Sky
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Blog: UFOs over Texas?
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 18 hours ago
I ended up watching Larry King Live on CNN, where the aging host devoted an hour of prime time viewing (US prime-time) to the UFO sightings earlier this ...
Group takes statements about UFO sightings Houston Chronicle
UFO sightings reported The Press Association
Texas UFO Investigators in Stephenville Seek Images, Video & Witnesses National Ledger
KWTX - Dallas Morning News
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No kidding, but I believe I just saw a flying saucer
Houston Chronicle, United States - Jan 20, 2008
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust allegedly saw lots of UFOs when he was growing up. •Jimmy Carter: The man from Plains reports to have seen a UFO with his wife ...


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USpace said...

Great stuff! I've seen UFOs 3 times...

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Earthlings are all alone

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