Thursday, January 17, 2008

You may remember the story earlier from Stephenville, Texas of locals claiming to have seen a UFO. Now, a central Texas man is claiming to have seen one over Lake Travis, and he’s got pictures to back up his claim.

Virgil Fowler was taking pictures of the sunset this week, when he says he captured a UFO flying over Lake Travis. He was looking at his pictures and saw something he couldn't explain. "I was kind of surprised to see something in the pictures, something more than the sunset," Fowler said.

Air Force officials re-evaluate past UFO sightings
Truman Index, MO - 22 hours ago
With recent reports from Yahoo News and CNN, unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, once more have caught the attention of government officials. ...

Al Roker on UFOs, Extra-Terrestrials
MSNBC - Jan 16, 2008
NBC News correspondent Don Teague looked into this story to find out whether people, as some of them claimed, saw a UFO. WATCH VIDEO As he mentioned on the ...

AXcess News
UFO Conspiracy Theorists Banking on Hillary Clinton Winning the ...
AXcess News, KY - 5 hours ago
By Armando Duke (AXcess News) Houston - The rash of Texas UFO sightings prompted a flurry of interesting reader comments.. Today we got a hot one! ...
Court orders NASA to investigate self for UFO data
Grand Haven Tribune, MI - Jan 16, 2008
Kean was asked by SciFi in 2002 to find a solid UFO case, one with credible witnesses and possible physical evidence, to serve as a test case. ...


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