Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Captured Image above is from the map before it disappeared and was replaced!!

Look at the the top " Pic " The list on the right was the released numbers. Look closely at the Totals on the right.......notice the column of McCain? Many towns reported Zero, WTF?

Now compare the pic with the Link Title and it is what the MSM is reporting guys..

It looks like Giuliani, Huckabee, & Hunter keep their votes. On the other hand Mccain takes Ron Paul votes, Romney takes tancredo, & thomson takes other...

Now whats important remember the posts earlier on the Sutton vote now look at the results here.

Also look at the sutton votes and compare the two ... I think its imperative for the campaign HQ to get to those two towns and look for people that voted RP......

VIDEO - Reasons to question the New Hampshire results


Diebold favors Hillary, Hand count favors Obama

Iused the Comma delimited database: NH municipalities hand count vs use Diebold machines from to see if there was a deviation between ...

The cat that controls New Hampshire election programming



Turkish Press
Indiana's voter-ID law is harmful and worthless.
Slate - 18 hours ago
That is why the election fraud that's actually been tried involves ballot-box stuffing or bulk submitting of absentee ballots—schemes that allow a few ...
Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Challenging Voter ID Law FOX News
Supreme Court Takes Up Indiana Photo ID Law Raw Story
google news commentComment by Todd Rokita Indiana Secretary of State
eFluxMedia - AHN
all 416 news articles »

Reddit corners election fraud market

Photo IDs and the Election | North Dakota News
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck, ND - 2 hours ago
To combat "voter fraud" but there's never been a report of voter impersonation fraud in Indiana. We can, however, point to people disenfranchised at the ...
High court hears challenge to Indiana voter-ID law
Columbus Dispatch, OH - 3 hours ago
On the other hand, there was the real possibility of fraud because of the disrepair of the Indiana voter rolls, Roberts said. “Don’t you think if you have ...

Wabash College
Rokita defends ID law
Shelbyville News, IN - Jan 8, 2008
"The law is a common sense, low-cost requirement that improves accuracy and provides protection against election fraud," Rokita said. ...
Voter ID requirement comes under fire Palladium-Item
Voter cited by opponents of Indiana's ID law registered in two states
High court to weigh legality of Hoosier voter ID law Gary Post Tribune
The Herald-Times (subscription)
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State to Voters: Can I See Some ID?, CA - 4 hours ago
... terms of which we consider the greater problem: the possibility that an election result will be affected by vote fraud perpetrated by ineligible voters, ...
Requiring voter ID at the polls is a snake-oil remedy
Daily Press, VA - 17 hours ago
Restrictive ID rules endanger that sacred trust, but for precious little reward. The laws are advertised as common- sense cures for voter fraud. ...

New Survey Suggests that Voter IDs Are Not the Problem
Newswise (press release) - 8 hours ago
Approximately 80 percent of voters in this study would support a national photo ID if provided free by the government. Since the 2000 election, ...

One citizen, one vote, one form of ID?
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - Jan 7, 2008
Nevertheless, both sides contend that in a closely divided nation, even a little fraud, or even a few obstacles to voting, could skew election results. ...

Photograph Your Polling Place

New York Times
New York Times, United States - Jan 8, 2008
The Polling Place Photo Project is a nationwide experiment in citizen journalism that encourages voters to capture, post and share photographs of this ...


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