Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Xinhua, China - 9 hours ago
29 (Xinhuanet) -- Revealing what could be considered a telepathic sense, double helixes of DNA can recognize

Genetic 'telepathy'? A bizarre new property of DNA
PhysOrg.com, VA - Jan 28, 2008
Scientists are reporting evidence that intact, double-stranded DNA has the “amazing” ability to recognize similarities in other DNA strands from a distance. ...
Telepathic genes recognize similarities in each other News-Medical.net
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Twin strands of DNA seek each other out
New Scientist (subscription), UK - Jan 28, 2008
Just like twins recognising and approaching each other across a crowded room, it now turns out that identical stretches of double-stranded DNA seek each ...

DNA "Sees" Other Strands With Similar Sequences Without Ever Touching
ShortNews.com, Germany - 8 hours ago
New evidence from scientists shows that double-stranded DNA can, from a distance, identify other strands with similar sequences - seen once as an impossible ...
Genetic 'telepathy'? A bizarre new property of DNA PhysOrg.com
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DNA dabbling creates superbug fuel-makers
Motoring, South Africa - 11 hours ago
A team of US scientists has found a way to replicate the DNA code of a bacterium that could allow the creation of bacteria to male biofuels. ...
Synthetic Genome: Signed, Sealed, Decoded New York Times
Science on the verge of creating artificial life New Zealand Herald
google news commentComment by Paul Rabinow Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Guardian Unlimited - Times Online
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DNA mutation causes are studied
United Press International - 2 hours ago
29 (UPI) -- US scientists have conducted the first genome-wide study comparing the relative importance of factors that contribute to DNA mutations. ...
Scientists Explore Factors Contributing to DNA Mutations PhysOrg.com
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MoD asks UK Forces personnel to submit DNA samples
Register, UK - Jan 28, 2008
By Lewis Page → More by this author The UK Ministry of Defence is "strongly encouraging" all its personnel to have their DNA recorded. ...
DNA sampling to start for all operational military troops and staff PublicTechnology.net
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