Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrating Collapse: The Coming Adventure - Apocalypse No! Part 5, India - Jan 12, 2008
By Juan Santos “We are forces of Chaos and Anarchy; Everything they say we are, we are.” - Jefferson Airplane “We can deny the reality of collapse, ...
Apocalypse Now and Then
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - Jan 3, 2008
The apocalypse, in either its aftermath or the moments preceding it, has long been a popular idea in fiction, especially in the post-nuclear era. ...

Irrefutable Signs of The Apocalypse
Crave Online, CA - Jan 9, 2008
Optimists can do their best to explain away the drastic climate change, record-breaking natural catastrophes and drug-resistant superviruses plaguing our ...

Lifting the veil on the apocalypse
CBC News, Canada - Jan 2, 2008
But because my areas of interest encompass some pretty wonky territory, I could inform you about the apocalypse. Now, I don't mean something cataclysmic ...

Beyond Post-Apocalyptic Eco-Anarchism
PEJ News, Canada - Jan 9, 2008
We are all acquainted with visions the Apocalypse and media fantasies of the period afterwards. Since Hiroshima in 1945 the notion of irreversible mass ...

The Real Mike Huckabee: Israel and the Apocalypse
Israel e News, Israel - 19 hours ago
Of all the right-wing figures who have promoted Mike Huckabee’s extraordinary political rise from a backwater church to the national pulpit of a ...

Ron Paul, Fox News, And The Five Coarse Men Of The Apocalypse--
Nolan Chart LLC, VA - Jan 11, 2008
Huckabee, Rommney, Guiliani, Thompson and McCain are not Americans in action and temperment as near as I can tell... by Scott from Oregon I have been a ...

Mirador, one of Central America’s treasures, lies in the north of Guatemala’s Petén region. The Mirador Archaeological and Wildlife Area, also known as Mirador, spans over 525,000 acres and is widely regarded as a cultural and biological jewel. The beauty and magnificence of Mirador’s pristine, virgin forest has attracted much international attention. The Guatemalan government is currently considering Mirador, one of the only intact cultural and natural sites of its size in the world, as a leading nomination for UNESCO World Heritage status. In 1998 Mirador was submitted to UNESCO’s Tentative List.

Located deep in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, the Mirador Archaeological and Wildlife Area is home to the earliest and largest Preclassic Maya sites in Mesoamerica. Ancient cities including El Mirador, Nakbe, Tintal, Wakna, and Xulnal are offering valuable information to the study of Maya society and culture. Leading experts now herald the Mirador area as being the Cradle of Maya Civilization.


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