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New NAFTA NASCO Superhighway Docs released from MnDOT: The whole plan!
The design of transportation systems carries its own ideology: the routes, exit placement, the eminent domain actions, the financing, carpool or toll road lanes; all these issues loom large in Minnesota, especially since no one can agree how to pay for needed work. St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood, the heart of the black community, got split in half by I-94, and many people today fear similar effects from massive new roads. Recently, people on the 'fringes' of the left and right who might be considered hostile to corporate globalization have talked about a 'NAFTA Superhighway' project which would link Mexico, Canada, and the United States, but little hard evidence illustrates how this plan could work. PIM first reported in July that a Twin Cities lawyer, Nathan Hansen, used Data Practices Act requests from MnDOT to get several rounds of documents released regarding NASCO, the North American Super Corridor Coalition, a non-profit organization based in Texas. Hansen has kept at it (here's his blog), filing a lawsuit to leverage the release of more documents, more of which finally came out recently. We have packaged everything MnDOT released into a ZIP archive of PDFs (60 MB!).
No 'superhighway' is planned for NAFTA trade, IA - Dec 18, 2007
NASCO can state unequivocally that plans for a new giant NAFTA superhighway do not exist. Our map depicts existing transportation infrastructure not drawn ...

Atlantic-Pacific route would allow cross-continental goods deliveries
WorldNetDaily, OR - 13 hours ago
... is designed to interface with the NAFTA Superhighway, extending down into Mexico. The CISCOR map strongly models the continental map displayed by NASCO ...
15 billeder Dear Deluded
TV2, Denmark - Dec 4, 2007
NASCO has received $250 million in earmarks from the US Department of Transportation to plan the NAFTA Super Highway as a 10-lane limited-access road (five ...

Boston Globe
The amero conspiracy
Boston Globe, United States - Nov 24, 2007
The NAFTA Superhighway has a more complicated origin. One piece is a nonprofit organization, called the North America's Supercorridor Coalition, or NASCO, ...
Paul believes in threat of North American superhighway
Los Angeles Times, CA - Nov 30, 2007
"It's complete fiction," said Tiffany Melvin, executive director of NASCO, a consortium of transportation agencies and business interests caught in the ...

Readers bombard Newsweek with evidence after adverse story on Ron Paul
WorldNetDaily, OR - Dec 7, 2007
... including Interstate Highways 35, 29 and 94, that the North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, designates as the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway.

From: Dan Feidt
Subject: Exclusive: New NAFTA NASCO Superhighway Docs released from MnDOT: The whole plan!
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 02:24:13 -0600

I don't usually send mass emails, but I found a big batch of government documents that sort of cut across many different issues and I want to let various groups who might be interested know. I'm not on a crusade about this issue, but this stuff seems so crazy I needed to send it out. Please forward it to anyone who might be interested.

This sounds pretty crazy, but hey: I stumbled across 1000+ pages from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which basically entirely spell out the NASCO/Lockheed plan to 'militarize' I-35 and I-94 by building the NAFTRACS tracking system. MnDOT released documents show how Lockheed setup NASCO to host NAFTRACS (controlling the contracts), cloning the current military container tracking system, and implementing it right down I-35 via RFID. Yep!

They want to set up the "Presence" which would run from "Total Domain Awareness Centers of Excellence." Really! This is all about militarization - it's really a crazy batch of stuff. Full of ugly terms and creepy RFID schemes. Lockheed explicitly would market all the supply-chain data generated. Also, all of NASCO's internal public relations / strategy communications with MnDOT are in here, too.

Everything released from MnDot is about 60 MB in PDFs (ZIP). What a weird thing to find, thought everyone should know.

Anyone is welcome to repost the article below on their own websites, but it would be nice to get a link back to our URL too:

This stuff turned up at my job as web editor at Politics in Minnesota, a small political publishing company in St. Paul. Please contact me if anyone has questions. Thanks for taking a moment!

--Dan Feidt - dan.feidt@gmail. com


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