Thursday, December 27, 2007, Italy - Dec 21, 2007
Yet no matter what laws get passed and no matter how many millions ADL, JDL, etc. raise, Stormfront and the American Nazi Party remain strangely unmolested ...

On Second Thought Maybe You're Not a Nazi
Reason Online, CA - 8 hours ago
Stormfront, which describes itself as a “white nationalist” Internet community, did not give money to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign; according to Jesse ...
The Paper of No Record Lew Rockwell
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Spotting Gay Niggers and the S.H.I.T. List

Want some advice where your sockpuppies come from...................If you post this on a web forum and they ban you you will see the puppeters are?

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Asset B26432 Posted By ShiftShapers
Merry Assimilated Pagan Holiday, GNN! I brought you all a gift!
I’m bound to get my head bitten off by the local Ron Paul Brigade for this one, or maybe Paul Joseph Watson will write a hit piece on me, exposing me as an Israeli propagandist. That would be nice.
But the ADL won't allow the people to know the truth that Joo Supremists are out to condemn Ron Paul and smear him any way possible, not all Joo's are "Gay Nigger" Troll Racists in forums being usless idiots like Shiftshapers. Some even run ADL Psy-op sites like

GNN EXCLUSIVE!!! Gay Nigger Knowledge Test!

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