Thursday, October 25, 2007

Templar rebels not satisfied with Vatican U-turn on heresy allegations
*** Rebels within the secretive Knights Templar heirarchy have expressed private dissapointment with the Vatican's withdrawal of 700-year-old accusations of heresy against the Order. A modern-day Templar is quoted as saying: "The word 'sorry' is conspicuous by its absence." An official acknowledgement this month by the Holy See that allegations against the Templars were false (and known to be false at the time) is timed to coincide with the 7th centenery of the persecution of the Templars, fulfilling a formal written request by the Order revealed by a letter leaked to the press in 2004. The letter was part of a long-standing silent annual campaign by the Templars for truth and justice. The insiders responsible for today's leak made no attempt to conceal their identity. ***

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