Friday, October 26, 2007

HERTFORD's links with a mysterious order dating back nine centuries has been lambasted in that most 21st century forum - a website In the latest twist in a story that started in the 12th century, a friar in the USA has branded Hertford's links to the Knights Templar "baloney". The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate reacted with derision to the news that the Vatican was considering an apology to the Templars of Hertford, 700 years after Grand Master, Jacques De Molay was burned at the stake. On the site, called Mary Victrix, Father Angelo Mary Geiger said: "I just find it ironic that a rehabilitation of the historic order of the Temple is somehow being translated by modern imitators as a validation of their silliness." The site based in Connecticut, called Hertford-based self-appointed Templar expert Ben Acheson, "a crackpot masquerading as a real descendant of the Templars". But Mr Acheson, described as a modern day Templar in The Times, hit back at the accusations and claims that the Templar Knights are alive and well in Hertford.

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