Friday, October 19, 2007

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NWO FAKE TERROR RED ALERT: Real Deal Terror drill turns into a Real Life Bomb Scare

Terror exercise believed to be cause of US bomb scare
International Herald Tribune, France - 16 hours ago
AP PORTLAND, Oregon: The largest US terror exercise inadvertently sparked a real terror scare, briefly shutting down commuter trains and several blocks in a ...
Terror drill blamed for bomb scare
Channel 4 News, UK - 9 hours ago
Commuter trains and several streets in a busy part of Portland, Oregon, were shut down briefly after bomb-sniffing dogs alerted their trainers to a possible ...
Real alert ties up Topoff 4 exercise
The Oregonian -, OR - 10 hours ago
Topoff 4, the gigantic what-if exercise with fictional terrorists detonating a radioactive weapon in downtown Portland, turned into a real-life bomb scare ...
Bomb scare disrupts Topoff drill
The Oregonian -, OR - 16 hours ago
The Topoff dirty-bomb drill turned into a real-life bomb scare this afternoon after a trio of bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to possible explosives ...
MAX shut down near Lloyd Center amid bomb scare (subscription), OR - 17 hours ago
AP Police shut down commuter trains and a section of northeast Portland Thursday after dogs helping in a security sweep in preparation for an antiterror ...
Not an exercise: Bomb-sniffing dogs detect the real thing
KATU, OR - 20 hours ago
By KATU Web Staff PORTLAND, Ore. - Bomb-sniffing dogs being used for a TOPOFF exercise in northeast Portland detected the real thing, prompting police to ...
MAX shut down near Lloyd Center amid bomb scare
The Oregonian -, OR - 20 hours ago
By Bruce Ely Mexico's Monica Vergara and USA's Aly Wagner fight for a ball during an exhibition match at PGE Park. The Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore...

US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has announced the conduct of major war games under Vigilant Shield 2008 (VS-08).

Vigilant Shield 2008 (15 to 20 October, 2007) is designed to deal with a "terrorist" or "natural disaster" scenario in the United States. The operation will be coordinated in a joint endeavor by the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security.

Yet, VS-08, which includes a massive deployment of the US Air Force resembles a war-time air scenario rather than an anti-terrorist drill. The VS-08 war games extend over the entire North American shelf. Canadian territory is also involved through Canada's participation in NORAD. (See Nazemroaya, October 2007)

These war games are being conducted at an important historical crossroads, amidst mounting US pressures and threats to actually declare a "real war" on Iran.

VS-08 is predicated on the doctrine of preemptive warfare, with a vie to protecting the Homeland. The war games are coordinated with anti-terrorist drills directed against presumed Islamic terrorists.

Moreover, the announcement by NORTHCOM of the VS-08 war games-anti-terror drills coincided with a declaration by the Bush administration in early September that military action against Iran is being contemplated at the highest echelons of the US government and Military:

"President George W Bush and his inner circle are taking steps to place America on the path to war with Iran, .. Pentagon planners have developed a list of up to 2,000 bombing targets in Iran, ... Pentagon and CIA officers say they believe that the White House has begun a carefully calibrated programme of escalation that could lead to a military showdown with Iran. (Quoted in The Sunday Telegraph, 16 September 2007).

VS-08 is a large scale military exercise to be conducted over North America and the Northern Pacific Ocean, extending westwards towards the Far East borders of Russia and China:

"USNORTHCOM’s primary exercise venues for VS-08 include locations in Oregon, Arizona and a cooperative venue with USPACOM in the Territory of Guam. NORAD’s aerospace detection and defense events will take place across all the exercise venues, to exercise the ability to mobilize resources for aerospace defense, aerospace control, maritime warning, and coordination of air operations in a disaster area." (PNC, October 2007)

Both the war games under VS-08 as well as the domestic antiterrorist drills involve the participation of Canada, Britain and Australia:

"VS-08 and National Level Exercise 1-08 will provide local, state, tribal, interagency, Department of Defense, and non-governmental organizations and agencies involved in homeland security and homeland defense the opportunity to participate in a full range of exercise scenarios that will better prepare participants to prevent and respond to national crises. The participating organizations will conduct a multi-layered, civilian-led response to a national crisis."( See NORTHCOM Fact Sheet).


By Michael Rollins 19 Oct 2007 The ATF had a dog-and-pony show Friday morning. Sometimes, government propaganda can be interesting. This was the case if you're fascinated by explosives and insist that Chevy's rule and Fords should be blown up... What you saw on the news was video of a Tri-Met bus posing as a MAX train. As it turned out, it was a bus kinda stapled back together and what you didn't see were the remnants of a brown Ford pickup. Said pickup and bus were actually blown up a week earlier out in the sticks at a training facility outside Yakima. Blown up with 800 pounds of explosives stuck in the Ford.

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