Thursday, October 25, 2007

WASHINGTON Vice President Dick Cheney was caught on tape and caught off guard during a meeting with President Bush.

A news crew was taping a cabinet meeting at the White House as the president was giving a briefing on the California wildfires.

The news crew caught Cheney as he appeared to be nodding off.

Perhaps even the vice president needs a power nap once in awhile.


Governors Oppose Legislative Language Granting NORTHCOM Command ...
InsideDefense (subscription), DC - Oct 19, 2007
"This section would require that the protocols and procedures would include enabling the Commander of NORTHCOM and subordinate commanders within the ...
Do you believe in coincidences? The Fires and the deployment of NORTHCOM imposing Martial Law in Southern California. Of course, they happen all the time, and with this government, coincidence and incompetence are the bread and butter of the Bush administration. When I quoted “Le Canard Enchaîné ” which I found in The New York Sun that predicted an attack on Iran would occur on October the 15th, I was then unaware that NORTHCOM was Planning a 5 Day anti-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Shield 08. I noted that members from the site George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House were following a link to my article on the subject, Attack On Iran Slated For October 15th, Prepare For Disaster. Being my usual curious self, I went to their site, and I found this link staring me in the face - and when I read it, a chill ran up my spine as I attempted to grasp the magnitude of the “coincidence.”

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