Friday, October 12, 2007

The Purpose of the US Government Has Been Transformed From Protecting Your Rights to Building a Totalitarian Police State for the New World Order.

The purpose of the US government today has strayed far from its original intent when it was formed over 200 years ago.

As usual, we find it important to state that we are not anti-American.

We love the original America.

The one that was a place where individual rights were protected.

We love the America where government was a servant of the people, not a tyrannical ruler over the people.

So let’s be clear that when we decry what this new US “beast” of a government is doing, we’re not “terrorist sympathizers”.

This hardly seems possible as we’re denouncing the true terrorist: the new United States Empire ruled by international bankers and industrialists.

Yes, the elite pushing for their totalitarian Global Community (New World Order, One World Government, etc) are the terrorists.

A failure to understand that point well is a failure to understand current events properly.



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