Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FPI - Mainstream television is

focusing on everything except arson.

Who are the arsonists?

Are they government agents?

Land Socialism: Playing With Fire
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
How fashionable it is to love nature. Down
with industry, development, internal-combustion
engines, clear cutting, strip malls, and private
ownership. Capitalists do nothing but ravage
the beauty of mother earth. The hand of man
only strangles and kills.If you agree with the
above, you will love the fires that have driven
half a million people from their homes in
California, and destroyed 1,200 houses.

President Bush is dumping your money
in the form of aid on these suffering souls,
and the flames rage on.In these wretched
infernos that consume civilization, we see
the truth about nature. It is beautiful when
it is controlled and owned and put to our use.
When it is left to its own devices, it is mean,
dangerous, cruel, and often thoroughly evil.

It is, as Albert Jay Nock said, the enemy.

California fires Spark Martial Law?

This is an arson fire. There are three separate starts,” said Chief Chip Prather, Orange County Fire Dept.

Arson experts have already started to investigate the cause of the Malibu fire

The causes of the fires haven’t been determined, and arson is a possibility, a spokesman for the state’s emergency response office said.

Man detained over possible arson

Arson alleged as fire still smolders at recycling plant

Google California Wildfire Arson

CBS 2, CA - 7 hours ago The nearly 20000-acre arson fire that has destroyed about a dozen homes in Orange County horse country east of Irvine was about 30 percent contained on ...
MyFox Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times

Authorities: Orange County Fire Was Arson

Los Angeles Times

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Man detained over possible arson

San Bernardino Sun, CA - 13 hours ago
HESPERIA - An unidentified man was being detained late Tuesday for attempting to light a possible arson fire at the Mojave River Forks Campground near ...
Hesperia man arrested for starting brush fire Desert Dispatch
San Bernardino authorities arrest biker for alleged arson KSBY
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Deputies Suspect Arson in Sand Cyn Trailer Park Fire
Signal, CA - 11 hours ago
The arson suspicion was echoed by fire officials fielding media calls about the northern part of Los Angeles County. Suspicions that the fire was purposely ...

Arson alleged as fire still smolders at recycling plant
Long Beach Press-Telegram, CA - 14 hours ago
Authorities suspect arson as a possible cause, Nash said. The recycling center was also being investigated for questionable activity, Nash said. ...

Weekend Blotter: Boys reprimanded for attempted arson during winds
Orange County Register, CA - Oct 23, 2007
Pentagrams drawn on church, man stuck in costume handcuffs and more police incidents on Oct. 20-21. A caller reported Sunday at 12:44 pm that two teenage ...

Editorial: Fires are terrible, arson is worse
OCRegister, CA - Oct 23, 2007
But the fire that began near Santiago Canyon on the northern edge of Irvine is suspected arson. In more leisurely times one can engage in philosophical or ...

OC Arson
KNX1070, CA - Oct 22, 2007
LOS ANGELES (KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO) -- Authorities point to arson as the cause of the Santiago Canyon fire that has burned through 8800 acres in Irvine. ...

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