Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Science Centric
How you can see Comet Holmes
Earth & Sky, TX - 48 minutes ago
Use binoculars to sweep for the comet. Don't mistake Comet Holmes for the tiny, misty, dipper-shaped star cluster Pleiades, visible on the lower right of ...
Clear skies of Central Oregon offer magnificent view of Holmes Comet The Oregonian -
Comet impresses as it bursts at seams Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Comet's sudden brightness is mystery Aiken Standard (subscription)
Melbourne Herald Sun - iTWire
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Baltimore Sun
Comet Holmes photographed from Timonium
Baltimore Sun, United States - 3 hours ago
Tim Hickman, an amateur astronomer in Timonium, working from the back yard of his home in Timonium, has captured a nice image of Comet Holmes. ...
Comet bursts into brightness (subscription)
Comet Holmes now a naked-eye object Baltimore Sun
Comet brightens mysteriously by a factor of a million New Scientist (subscription)
Dallas Morning News
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Comet Holmes puts on a show
Earth & Sky, TX - 1 hour ago
But, after 30+ years of stargazing, I’d never heard of Comet Holmes until a dramatic outburst increased the comet’s brightness by over a million times on ...
Chabot telescope available tonight to view bright comet Comet ...
The Argus, CA - Oct 27, 2007
The comet, known to astronomers as Comet17P/Holmes, isn't new. It was first spotted more than 100 years ago and has made 16 circuits around the sun. ...
Passing Comet in Suprise Flare-Up, Visible To Naked Eye
Wired News - Oct 25, 2007
The comet, called 17/P Holmes, has apparently reached the point where it is visible to the naked eye, even near well-lit areas with a near-full moon, ...

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