Saturday, September 8, 2007

NWO FAKE TERROR WARGAME ALERT: No Bomb Found on Jet In Oakland

No Bomb Found After Jet Forced To Land In Oakland
(CBS 5 / BCN) OAKLAND No bomb was found on a Southwest Airlines plane that was grounded at Oakland International Airport Friday night after the airline received a threatening phone call, an airline spokesman reported.

Flight 770 left the airport for Phoenix at approximately 4:09 p.m. A bomb threat was called in to the airline's reservation center, an 800 number at 4:25 p.m. Officials say the threat was specific to the flight.

After hearing word of the threat, the captain decided to return back to Oakland Airport.

All 123 passengers safely departed the plane and were placed in a secure holding area while authorities conducted a security sweep of the plane, said airport spokesman Robert Bernardo. The search did not produce a bomb or any other suspicious items.

Transportation Security Administration officials unloaded and inspected luggage on board, with a bomb squad standing by. The search did not produce a bomb or any other suspicious items.

Officials with Southwest Airlines say the passengers will make it to Phoenix sometime Friday night.

The plane has since been cleared for flight and the airline is in the process of re-screening and re-boarding its passengers early Friday night, Mainz said.

"We expect (the passengers) to finish boarding and (the flight to) take off shortly," he said.
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