Friday, September 14, 2007

As of this date, I tend to think they are.
Progressives are bound and determined to eliminate the USA and NWO whackos have the same agenda.
It would seem they have different reasons, but the final effect would have the same general result.
Whoever won the battle would see the USA reduced to a 3rd world economy with rampant poverty and general economic and social ciaos.
Progressives leaders love the concept, however I suggest NWO folks would not be real happy.
NWO folks are dreamers and have no idea that their scheme would destroy the USA.
Progressives are so stupid they think rampant poverty and general economic and social ciaos is wonderful!.
Just wait for the screams when all of their Progressive fat-cat lives are exterminated! They have been convinced that only Republicans and other wierdo's would get whacked.
The Hollywierd crowd will suddenly be in poverty as well, because no movies or DVD's or TV shows will have anybody to pay for them.

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