Sunday, September 23, 2007

Millenium 2000"
Anthony J. Hilder Gæst: Jordan Maxwell
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Time: 1:48 Hours l
A fully documented 2 hour explosive exposé of America's Illuminati and the New World Order. Hosted by Anthony J. Hilder with Terry L. Cook, and Jordan Maxwell. The "demonic design" of the US capital, set in stone was laid out by Master Masons in the shape of the Illuminati (Luciferian) Pyramid. The same evilarchy placed their satanic "symbol of slavery" upon the privately owned Federal Reserve notes - which is debit-bearing currency. These fiat "funny money" notes have replaced the US dollar and placed all Americans under a ruthless economic tyranny which uses the IRS as it's collection agency. The American public knows next to nothing about those shadowy Faustian figures who run and ruin this Nazi-ized Nation from the corporate boardrooms of the major Banking Institutions. One need only research the financing of the Communist, Nazi, and Fascist Parties to quickly conclude that the same Cashist Cartel that controls us, financed them. America today has essentially a One Party System run by the International Banksters. Their goal is to establish a One World Government upon the ashes of American sovereignty. Adolf Hitler wrote the New World Order. The goals of these globalists are openly discussed by J. Maxwell, Terry Cook, and Ray Yunger in this hammer hitting 2 hour video. They put together the pieces of this giant jig-saw puzzle so that all who watch Millennium 2000 can see the big picture.

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