Friday, August 24, 2007

Spooks vs. Psychics: Who Predicted 9/11 Better?
Yesterday, we learned about the newly released CIA inspector general report slamming the spook agency for not foreseeing the Al Qaeda threat and 9/11. Now, Gary Bekkum at Starstream Research questions whether the CIA actually had the information it needed to foresee 9/11, and just didn't realize it. How's that? Well, the intel community's psychics may have predicted it back in 1986. Who knew?

Gary has been vigorously pursuing the spy-psychic connection for a while--(known formally as Remote Viewing)--and has spent a lot of time sifting through declassified documents relating to the intelligence program; he recently put up some of the declassified raw reports that he says may indicate foreknowledge of 9/11. I've pasted some excerpts below.

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