Friday, August 24, 2007

"Possible" radioactive material delivered to 2 hospital office buildings in Philadelphia

24 August 2007: Five people have been quarantined and HazMat teams, police, fire and FBI officials have all responded to St. Lukes Hospital in Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, outside of Philadelphia, PA after two packages delivered to the hospital yielded possible radioactive material.

One package was delivered via FedEx to the Estes Building, which is assigned to medical specialists and administrative offices on the hospital campus. The building was evacuated.

A second package was later discovered in the Doctors Pavilion, prompting the evacuation of that building as well. The five people in quarantine were inside the Estes building, each complaining of respiratory problems and other ailments.


Is this event connected with the 'Red Dragon Army exercise' or the 'Noble Resolve' exercise
Chatter picked up by WMR's sources in the nation's capital and in California point to unusual events that could be a prelude to a 9/11-like false flag "incident" during the Labor Day weekend, possibly one focused on the San Francisco Bay Area.

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