Monday, August 27, 2007

A Dragon Eye view of the Reptilian Jungle at Beijing 2008 Games
The new slogan of the 2008 Games "One World, One Dream" - for decades to come these four simple words will be unmistakably linked to the "RED DRAGON" and China “Emerging from the landscape, and shaped by nature, the design will create a simple symbolic link – a bridge – between old and new, between people and country and China with the The design introduces an innovative solution to the provision of temporary seats during the Olympic Games. All the temporary seats are under cover and all seats enjoy excellent views to the field of play. It adopts high technology principles for operational management and interaction with the environment. The moving roof created like two leaves is simple, elegant and economical. After the games, people will be able to walk, via a safe and secure path, along over the leading edge of the roof. The extended “wings” of the roof, as an integral function of the moving roof and a fundamental part of an efficient roof structure, allow for up to 200,000 people to have a direct experience of the Games .
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