Saturday, July 7, 2007

US ran nuclear weapons exercises the week before Bush-Putin summit

Shortly before the so-called 'Lobster Summit' between President George W. Bush and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Kennebunkport, Maine, the United States appears to have carried out a significant nuclear weapons exercise, according to a report in Friday's Washington Times.

"International radio operators picked up large numbers of coded Air Force communications being sent around the world on June 26 that indicated some type of military activity was about to take place," writes Bill Gertz in his weekly "Inside The Ring" column.

Gertz suggests that the transmissions, which he called 'extraordinary,' were related to US nuclear forces.

"A U.S. military official said the radio traffic was monitored from the Air Force Global High Frequency System (GHFS) that some observers regarded as 'extraordinary' because of the unprecedented length of messages," he writes. "The messages appeared to be emergency action messages, coded communications sent by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to U.S. Air Force strategic nuclear forces."

An Air Force spokesman said the operation was 'routine.'


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