Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sneak Attack On America - New World Order Style
RINF.COM, UK - Jul 13, 2007

What Holiday Island is today, the companies that owned it or were connected with it, or who owns it today, etc., etc., I don’t know, but when that story first broke on ABC News 20/20, in the 70’s, it must of been the buzz, in the political circles in Arkansas, as you can imagine.

Several years back I called what I was led to believe was the producers office for ABC News 20/20 and told them about the show in question and what I was looking for and had them check their files to find out when it was aired, after a few minutes the person came back on the phone and said, she could not find information on it because she didn’t know what that show was categorized under.

In the mean time you have Mrs. Clinton running for president and the controlled media spiking this story, in their attempt to fool the American public into thinking they are going to get something different, rather than the conservatives, neocons if they vote for Mrs. Clinton.

In reality, if Mrs. Clinton becomes President the American people are going to get another person with very strong CIA ties, that’s of the same ilk as Bush - Cheney, if not worse.


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