Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scion's "Little Deviants" commercial spot depicts demons coming out of the New World Order abyss and attacking the Sheeple

I receive many emails from readers all the time alerting me to certain events and items that have eschatological significance. Sometimes I can include these in the alert and many times I cannot due to time and space constraints. However, the depravity of this one along with it's alluded scriptural reference that although twisted is so disturbing, I believe we must be aware of it. Thank you to the alert reader who shared this.
Scion, a division of Toyota whose marketing focus is towards Generation-Y (generally born from 1978 - 1998) has a new ad campaign called "Little Deviants" in which the phrase "be a little deviant" is used towards their new xD vehicle. What is even stranger is that the production company that produced this campaign is called Shilo. The campaign so far involves a theatrical quality video spot running in movie theaters and "The Book of Deviants" flash based video game on the Scion website where players are encouraged to kill the "boring and bleating Sheeple" There a few concerns that immediately came to mind when viewing this: That the reference to "Sheeple" and the adjectives used to describe them can easily be deduced by someone to describe a Christian (although I suppose it could be any "uncool" person also) and therefore be nothing but a slick advertisement that could promote the persecution and murder of followers of Christ in the minds of some. These little deviants (that look suspiciously like demons) come up out of the earth and begin attacking people - or the boring "Sheeple". Whether they know it or not what is being described (albeit incorrectly if the "Sheeple" are indeed Christians) is the blowing of the 5th trumpet in Revelation chapter 9 when demonic beings are released from the abyss, not to kill Christians, but to torment unbelievers to such a point that they will wish to die. Lastly, in light of the recent and not so recent mass murders involving children and young adults such as Virginia Tech, the Amish massacre in Pennsylvania, Columbine, and the Long Island teens just arrested for planning just the same sort of plot, how can even non-Christians stand for this kind of absolute insanity where kids are marketed to with a video and video game that tells them to go "slaughter as many people as they can"? How can any company act so irresponsibly? Something has definitely changed within the last few years and the people (or should I say the "sheeple") need to wake up. Whether if you believe in Christ or not you must realize all hell has broken loose on earth and it is coming for you and your family and especially your children. A dark fairy tale depicts the gruesome slaughter of the boring sheeple

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