Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Fort Wayne 3 Rivers Festival is coming up soon.
I remember in 1982 on the last Saturday and Sunday of the festival I was running a Pizza Stand and that there were riots. The Saturday night riot had around 300-400 black males. I was at the corner of Berry and Barr Sts. I was watching them approaching my stand when I heard strange noises and when I looked west on Berry I saw a bunch of people running toward me. I shouted "get back."
and they crossed to the SE corner of Berry and Barr. As they came closer I
started to pull out my pizza cutting knife. That's when I saw a guy who was hit from behind by a board, it was something hard and flat. Someone yelled "I have a
gun" and the group turned south on Barr. Soon the police arrived,
even on horseback, chasing them. A witness went to the police station in the
basement of the city county building and talked to a cop at the
sergeant desk in the basement there. He said they were still chasing
the rioters. I could hear on the police radio they were still heading on bike and foot, south through the hood. Since I was now in the middle of a police lockdown, they asked me if I could be able to identify anyone, but couldn't because there were so many, so the cop would not take anymore of my

Going home I listened to all the local radio stations none had any
report of the riot. The next day I was taking a trip to the other
side of the state so I did not see the paper that morning. We got
back to Fort Wayne late and one of the guys said he would fix dinner.
He had a police scanner and he turned it on. The riots were happening
again. There were reports of assault and robber. I remember one was
in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn.

When I got home I checked the Sunday Journal Gazette. Not one word of
any riot, no crime. Mondays paper also had nothing about a riot. I
talked to people that had watched the local TV news. They saw nothing
about any crime at the Festival.

I went to the newspapers and talked to the reporters that were
supposed to report local crime. They told me they had not heard of
any riot. An they monitor the police scanner all the time.
My next stop was the police station at the city county building. I
think it was on the second floor at the time. I told the person at
the desk that I wanted to talk to someone about the riots. The cop I
talked to was Internal Affairs! I do not knwo why. He told me "there
was no riot." "A riot would be bad for the city." That's what he
said. I should have got his name, but I was to stunned. I saw the
riot I heard the reports on the police scanner, but this COP is going
to tell me it never happened.

There were other witnesses, other victims, people that heard the
reports and calls on the police scanner.
A couple months later I was talking to a cop at Ivy Tech about the
riot, I didn't mention the cover-up, he told me one guy was arrested
and charge with inciting a riot. They didn't like the music they had
at the old parking lot at the City Count building.

Other people told me that during the '81 3R festival some bikers got
busted with a 50 caliber rifle in a pickup truck. They were going
after a rival gang. Didn't here about that one in the local media.
I believe a lot of bad things happen in Fort Wayne that gets covered-
up by the police and the media because it would be bad for Fort

But what about the people that never learn of the crime that
happens and then become victims?

Don't the citizens have a right to

Damm right we do!

To bad K. Richard Payne isn't around, he had dirt on people in the

Do you knwo something?

Tell me.
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