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Feds harassing the Ed & Elaine Brown concert in NH

From "Spiker"

Here is the registration information on the chopper.
Paul Topete from Poker Face sent it to me.

FAA Number Search
FAA N Number Search Result

Aircraft (FAA)Manufacturer: Eurocopter
Model: AS 350 B3
Year built: 2004
Serial Number (C/N): 3846
N-Number N187AE
Mode S Code: 50255262

Aircraft Type: Rotorcraft
Amateur-Built: No

Number of Seats: 6
Number of Engines: 1
Engine Type: Turbo-shaft Engine
Manufacturer and Model: Turbomeca ARRIEL SERIES
Owner (FAA)
Rgistration Type: Government

Owner: U S Department Of Homeland Security
Address: Washington, DC 20536-0001
United States
Region: Eastern TopStatus
(FAA)Certification Class: Standard

CertificationIssued: 2005-02-16
Air Worthiness Test: 2004-12-17

Last Action Taken: 2005-02-16
Current Status: Valid

  • New Hampshire Union Leader - Jul 13 9:10 PM
    Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are on heightened alert today because of a benefit concert at the Plainfield home of federal income tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown.
  • Valley News - Jul 15 6:19 AM
    -- Scores of cars, vans and RVs lined Ed and Elaine Brown's long, dirt driveway yesterday, some parked haphazardly in between groups of tailgaters, as hundreds of guests showed up for a scheduled 10-hour shindig dubbed Live Free or Die! A Concert in Support of Ed and Elaine Brown.
  • Concord Monitor - Jul 15 5:16 AM
    Policemen were stationed for hours yesterday on the road outside Ed and Elaine Brown's house in Plainfield, where a large party was being held to benefit the convicted tax protestors. But the officers said they wouldn't, under any circumstances, enter the property if an emergency occurred.
  • New Hampshire Union Leader - Jul 14 9:11 PM
    An estimated 200 people turned out for the "Live Free or Die Concert" at the Plainfield home of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown yesterday. As of early evening, police were calling it a peaceful gathering.
  • Concord Monitor - Jul 14 10:58 AM
    Despite complaints from the neighbors and unanswered requests from local officials for a permit application, five bands will be playing a "jamboree" concert at the Plainfield home of Ed and Elaine Brown today.
  • Plainfield Caught in Middle of Brown Standoff
    New Hampshire Public Radio - Jul 11 10:18 AM
    Residents say the stalemate between the Browns and U.S. Marshals is becoming a headache for the town.
  • KY3 Springfield - Jul 13 4:53 PM
    In 1992 in Idaho, federal agents killed the wife and son of Randy Weaver, who won a $2 million judgment against the federal government,
  • The Rockingham News - Jul 13 3:05 AM
    Their eyes glanced toward each other from time to time in playful exuberance as if to say "no matter what I'm speaking about, or to whom, I'm thinking of you."
*****please spread this around everywhere*****


Ed Brown Gig

Ed Brown MS

Ed Brown Blog Ed

Brown Gig Details

Poker Faces Main Website

Poker Faces MySpace site

Call into every and any talk show you know and spread the word.
The more freedom loving people that show up the better.
There is S A F E T Y in numbers The directions to Ed & Elaine's House are as follows:
Take I-89 to West Lebanon (exit 20) and head south toward Plainfield Go about 1/2 mile and then go North on 12A out of Plainfield; Go about 6 miles and and after going down a long hill (with a nice view of a mountain in the distance) turn right (east) onto Stage Road. You will turn left after Stage Rd curves to the southeast. to go around Whitney Hill. Go about 1/2 mile and Turn left (NE) onto Center Of Town Road. Go about 2 miles (the last 1/2 mile is gravel) and Ed's driveway is on the left. You will come to a house on the left, which I believe is number 385. There is a driveway just beyond, leads up the mountain to Brown's house. The Road at the point of house #385 should be between two mountains and there should have been about a two hundred foot incline to to this point. On a topographical map, this road is called Farnum Road. The mountain to the north the road is "Meeting House Hill" (1080+ ft) (my, how appropriate) and the mountain to the south is called Whitney Hill (1124ft) Brown's house is on the east side of the mountain at about 1000 feet. Approximate coordinates are 45º 33' 05" N 72º 18' 45" W Hopefully, this will be of help to anyone needing directions. The above directions came from individuals that have been there. Please use them in conjunction with the MapQuest provided directions below. MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS WITH ZOOM

He will be on from 1-2 EST and then again from 5-7pm EST
For more information goto his website at

Thru out the week there have been several attempts of intimidation by local and Federal authorities to discourage this event from happening. From the organizers and participants on down. In this age of Scarorism and derr Patriot Acts, we need to assert our Rights of assembly more now then ever. We must not be discouraged. We have also had disinformers tell many folks that the event was NOT going on. At least one of them was corrected, and said person did back pedal once his fraud was exposed. We do not need ANYONE at this late date trying to scare folks from turning out. What we do need is as many people to show up and be counted. It would also be great if several NH militia members in non-BDUs would come out and join us for a day of celebrating Freedom to help keep a watchful eye, if nothing else.. If you have ANY questions, you can call the band poker faces hotline

Contact information for telephone# can be found on our Home Page @

Please leave a message, and we will try our best to get back to you. Nothing is better then peaceful, vigilant civil disobedience. It is time our servants started to remember who the parents are in this governmental relationship. And as our servants WE ARE TELLING YOU, NO MORE DEATH BY GOVERNMENT. As Americans, we are entitled to a real trial by jury. The government is NOT to act as judge, jury, & executioner as they did in WACO, TX with the Branch Davidians on April 19th 1993.

So Remember now, there will be ........

LATEST NEWS LIVE REMOTES and live broadcasting over the net of the entire day are being worked on. So keep clicking on the links above for current real time information on this. If you cant join us in person, at least keep an eye on the event, to make sure that it stays calm & peaceful on the Fed side. We are not the interlopers, just the peacemakers. Poker Face will be doing some live interviews from the Browns all thru out the day. You can tune into 2 of them on the Michael Rivero Show to hear us speak live with him.
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