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Colonial Marines ( Michigan's " Wolverines " Militia ) opener from PBN

Table of Contents

By Skipp Porteous
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Principles justifying the arming
and organizing of a militia

Prerequisite(s): None
Restriction(s): Prospective recruits approved by the cell leader
1.1 The morality of arming and organizing
1.2 The heritage of arming and organizing
1.3 The right to arm and organize
1.4 The reasons to arm and organize now

Introduction to the Free Militia
Prerequisite(s): Section 1
Restriction(s): Prospective recruits approved by the cell leader
2.1 Who and what is the Free Militia?
2.2 Equipping yourself for the Free Militia
2.3 General organization of the Free Militia
2.4 Secrecy and security within the Free Militia

Copyright 1994 by the Free Militia. "Any American citizen who desires to secure and defend the blessings of liberty for himself and his posterity may freely copy from this material." Foreword copyright 1996 by Skipp Porteous. The Free Militia manual is reprinted for educational purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the Institute for First Amendment Studies or Skipp Porteous.

How to get a printed Field Manual

The Field Manual of the Free Militia is available as a 108-page book published by Riverwalk Press. Copies of the manual are $10.00 each, postage paid. Send check or money order to IFAS, PO Box 589, Great Barrington, MA 01230. Please inquire about shipping to addresses outside the United States.

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