Friday, July 6, 2007

The Amero - North American Currency

"This brief news interview confirms the AMERO is on the way and the US and Canadian Dollar and the Peso will soon be history. "The Canadians are upset, and besides the Texans, most Americans have their head in the sand on this one" I would imagine the Mexicans have no say in the matter if they even have a clue (Govt control and communication difficulty) "You know the same people control all three currencies presently. It is just a pain for them to deal with 3 different countries, 3 different governments and 3 different "societies", for lack of a better word. If we let this happen, I believe we need to look at Mexico of the example of what the US and Canada will become.

Thanks to Spiker77 and Michael Lunnon of New Mexico for reminding me of this clip.

It must not be buried and forgotten. This CNBC clip is essential viewing for all.
Buenos Dias!"


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