Thursday, July 12, 2007

Defend the USA from a full-scale NWO Soviet Strategy invasion
Lock-n-Load, they are already here. War is Coming Home...........Defend the United States from full-scale Soviet invasion in this bold reinvention of the New World Order strategy .
World in Conflict Open Beta Signups
World in Conflict is an RTS game that is set in
1988, where economic troubles, similar to the ones
that occurred in real-life, cripple the Soviet
Union to the extent where it must risk nuclear
Armageddon to stay in power.
Massive Entertainment, Sierra and Intel invite you
to join the open beta and find out what you are
made of. Registration begins on 1 July and will be
open until the end of the open beta phase. The
open beta will begin on 11 July and will last
until 31 July.

Signup here.


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