Tuesday, July 24, 2007

333 Illuminati Model Utopia Theme Park for the NWO / Documentary

Since it first started in 1969, the annual Three Rivers Festival has continued to grow over the years into a full fledge police state. Back in the 80's was frightening watching the Riot squads kick everyone out at midnite and chase everyone home who were having fun.

Now there is no fun allowed in downtown and this is my 'uno update' documentary as proof.

The event began as a way to promote business and industry and emphasize Fort Wayne's historical heritage and slowly transformed from a thriving business zone to a NWO environmental land grab Illuminati Masonic Designed corporate fascist money grabbing theme park.

Just like depicted in the 'Great Seal' on the Federal Reserve Notes the 'Thousand Points of Light' above the summit of Satan's Mountain.

From Ashes to Ashes, this is the event of all events at the 3 Rivers Festival. The annual summer ritual is conducted by the NWO Snake Charmers of New World Order as the pilgrims converge on the downtown for a Firework Illumination Torching Ritual Omega Finally, as once conducted by the ancient pagan reptialian priests of the Masonic brotherhood in Babylon, on the banks of the NWO 3 rivers.

Just like the torching ritual ceremony conducted at Bohemian Grove during the same week. You will see the mock human sacrifice as the key to giving Lucifer Life and the Fireworks Display are the representation of the birth of the 'False Angel of Light' or Lucifer on the sacrificial death of humanity.

The last nite fireworks display is the death of the 3 rivers festival symbols utilizing the energies from the geometry of Mother Nature, just as the Sorcerer's use for their occult Kraft. This years theme was "from the Fort to Space", for the 39th year or 333 is symbolized on the 3 Rivers Festival Buttons with 'space travel to the stars'. Plus the opening band's name that played at the main event tent was called the 'Dark Star Orchestra'.

Watch the Entire Video Presentation on liveleak.com, So man can be one with Gods at the link below.



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