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Guilliani blames Hauer for
placing the OEM
in WTC 7, but then Hauer
blames him right
back – kind of like a 3 Stooges

Everyone should remember
who Jerome Hauer


Jerome Hauer is a Bio-Warfare
expert who is
well known in New York City
for having created
former mayor Rudolph
Giuliani’s Office of
Emergency Management
(OEM) in World Trade Center 7 –
the building that inexplicably
imploded in a freefall on
September 11, 2001,
without having been hit by an airplane. Hauer’s corporate affiliations include
SAIC, Batelle, CSC-DynCorp, Hollis-Eden, and one of the nation’s most powerful
private investigative and security firms Kroll Inc., among others. Now BioPort has been added to his resume.
On the eve of 9/11, in NYC, Hauer was having drinks with his close friend, the recently retired FBI Agent and “Osama-Chaser,” John O’Neil.
At that time O’Neil was the head of security at the World Trade Center
complex, a position Hauer had helped him to get. O’Neil died in the World Trade Center on 9/11, and it was Hauer who identified his body.

Hauer was quoted by Newsday staff writer Laurie Garrett on her personal blog
as saying, “John O’Neil l was head of the FBI’s counterterrorism branch in
Washington. He led every important investigation you can name — the USS Cole, Tanzania, Kenya bombings. He retired three weeks ago. I helped him
get the job as head of security for the World Trade Center. And the irony is, the guy he chased for most of his career killed him.”

See Crossing the Rubicon, chapter 23,
pages 421-426
for references and more information
on Hauer.

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