Thursday, May 24, 2007

U.S. Navy skipper is 6th CO fired in 6 weeks

If the Commander in Chief
is preparing for war, doesn't
it seem strange this news
doesn't reflect
his ideology by supporting
his Commanders advice
on the Ground?

NORFOLK, Va. — Cmdr. E.J.
McClure, captain of the
destroyer Arleigh Burke,
was relieved of command
Monday by Rear Adm.
Dan Holloway, commander
of Carrier Strike Group 12,
according to a Navy official.

Holloway had a “loss of
confidence in her ability to
command” following the
May 15 “soft grounding”
of the Burke off Norfolk as
the ship was heading back
into port. No one was injured
in the incident, but damage
to the ship is still being assessed,
according to the official.
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