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Back in 2000 I was investigating the Egyptian government plans to cap the great pyramid as part of their millenium celebration.

Egypt had planned to usher in the New Year by affixing a gold-encased capstone on the Great Pyramid, built as a tomb for King Cheops about 4,500 years ago
To usher us into a New World Order.
At the Time I was posting about all this as a contributor to RMN.

The absence of the Capstone represents the unfinished Great Work of Alchemy....

Amid accusations of bizarre 'Zionist' plots and strange 'Masonic' machinations, the Egyptian government cancelled the placing of a golden capstone on top of the Great Pyramid which was scheduled to take place at midnight on on the eve of the new millennium. Curiously, the story has its origins in France when, in May 1998, a golden capstone was ceremoniously placed on top of the Egyptian obelisk which stands at the Place de la Concorde in the heart of Paris with guests of honour Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni and the Antiquities' chairman Dr. Ali Gaballah. This Paris obelisk, which was taken from the temple of Luxor in Upper Egypt in 1831, had been commissioned by Charles X and was raised in the Place de la Concorde in 1836 amid massive celebrations attended by a crowd of 200,000 people. Charles X was a Freemason and historians have suspected that the secret Brotherhood was behind the idea of bringing the Egyptian obelisk to France. Other obelisks which were also taken out of Egypt by the Freemasons in the late 19th century included the two famous "Cleopatra's Needles", which today can be seen at the Victoria Embankment in London and in New York's Central Park. The London obelisk was commissioned and paid for by a prominent Freemason, Sir Erasmus Wilson, and the raising ceremony in London was attend by hundreds of British Freemasons in September 1878 under the auspices of the Prince of Wales who also was Grand Master of United Grand Lodge, Freemasonry's regulating body in Britain. That same year the 'New York' obelisk was noticed by US President Ulysses S. Grant and General William T. Sherman during a visit to Egypt, who felt that America should also have an ancient Egyptian obelisk of its own. Henry W. Gorringe, a prominent Freemason, was selected for the task of bringing the obelisk to New York. The obelisk was raised in October 1880 outside the newly built Metropolitan Museum, with over ten thousand Freemasons attending the ceremony in Masonic regalia. The important symbolic aspect of an obelisk is not its tall stem but mainly its top which is shaped like a small pyramid. Pyramids, especially with the 'eye of providence' in them, feature very prominently in Masonic rituals. The symbol can be seen on the face of the US one-dollar bill and also on the Great Seal of the United States. In Freemasonry the glowing pyramid and eye represents the so-called Great Architect of the Universe or the Supreme Being, both epithets for God. This Masonic symbolism was used prominently in France during the 1789 Revolution and was embossed on the front of The Declaration of Human Rights. The first celebrations of the French Revolution that took place in 1793 saw many makeshift 'pyramids' raised in the heart of Paris and in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, causing many historians to suspect a Masonic involvement. Today a glass pyramid with the same geometrical proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza adorns the courtyard of the Louvre.
During the May 1998 celebrations in Paris, when the obelisk at the Place de la Concorde was crowned with a golden pyramid, the Egyptian culture minister announced that a similar ceremony would take place at the Great Pyramid of Giza for the millennium celebrations:
"We cannot rebuild the pyramids stone by stone," said Farouk Hosni, "so we have chosen a symbolic event like the ancient Egyptians did when they used to cap obelisks like what the French did at the Place de la Concorde".

Then the other day I stumbled across the plans to utilize the Symbology of the "Capstone" encoded in the latest Press release from the Army's Execises being conducted this week and alerted
the Network of this Event.
I just picked from another colleague who posted this Article Below on RMN and how this weeks "Capstone" is incorporated with the overall New World Order Plans .
Back when the Virginia Tech shooting happened, I made note of the fact that the media released or rather was pushing, two plays supposedly written by Cho.
One of the poems was entitled Mr. Brownstone and I felt that it was code for something so I spent a little bit of time trying to decipher it in case it was code that was being sent.
At the time I posted in the Rumor Mill Agents Lounge that I felt that it may be code that is pointing to the next event having to do with PURDUE University in Indiana.
When I posted that I received a link from one of our agents regarding a huge military project named Muscatatuck Urban Training Facility in Indiana that is heavily tied to Purdue University. Purdue is leading $1.65 million research effort at Muscatatuck urban training facility

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University is leading a $1.65 million effort to begin research and development at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Indiana as part of a homeland-security training initiative, officials announced today (Thursday, Jan. 4). The Purdue Homeland Security Institute is working with the Indiana National Guard, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana State Police and U.S. Army for developing the training program at Muscatatuck, a 1,000-acre, 70-building facility about 60 miles southeast of Indianapolis. "This program, through initial funding by the U.S. Army, will focus on preparing our nation to better respond to a major natural disaster or the threats posed in an urban warfare environment," Purdue President Martin C. Jischke said. A command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system will be developed that will allow small-unit exercises to be tracked and recorded for evaluation purposes. The system will incorporate advanced technologies in wireless systems, sensors, communications and visual analytics to help military and non-Department of Defense responders improve tactics and techniques. more at link...
Here is why this is so interesting to me....

There is a military exercise taking place right now called "Exercise ARDENT SENTRY - NORTHERN EDGE 07" and this thing is HUGE! It is taking place all across the country over an 18 day period in May. Background: ARDENT SENTRY-NORTHERN EDGE 07 (AS-NE 07) is a
Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed, U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) sponsored homeland defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) exercise that is taking place 30 April – 17 May 2007. The Homeland Security Council has designated ARDENT SENTRY-NORTHERN EDGE (and associated exercises VIGILANT GUARD, ALASKA SHIELD, INDIANA SENTRY, BLUE FLAG, POSITIVE RESPONSE, and the 2007 National Hurricane Preparedness Exercise) as a National Level Exercise for 2007.

The most concerning part of this whole exercise in my opinion is the part that they will hold in Indiana.... What is Exercise “Vigilant Guard”?

An 11-day, Indiana National Guard-hosted exercise that will test the National Guard as the first military responder in support of the governor and the state emergency management agency. “Vigilant Guard” reinforces that all incidents are local. The exercise will demonstrate the capabilities of the Indiana National Guard Joint Force Headquarters, the Joint Task Force-Indiana, and the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) – the process where Governors reach out to other governors for more assistance. Specific National Guard homeland defense capabilities will include the National Guard Reaction Forces, Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Enhanced Response Package teams What is the exercise scenario?

A simulated 10-kiloton nuclear device detonation will drive the deployment of National Guard personnel from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, the National Guard Bureau, and other states. Who will participate?

More than 2,000 National Guard personnel from Indiana and surrounding states will participate – all under the command and control of the Governor of Indiana through EMAC. These National Guard forces will operate and train alongside other participants including Indiana county and state agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region V, and the Department of Energy.

Elements Exercise: 7-18 May 2007 Nuclear detonation incident in greater Indianapolis, IN resulting in: Casualties Infrastructure damage Evacuations/displaced persons Contamination Participants: Indiana National Guard Illinois National Guard Ohio National Guard National Guard Bureau Coordinating organizations and agencies: Local, county and state agencies National Guard Bureau U.S. Northern Command Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Again this exercise is being held in InDIANA, while the Queen is visiting in MAY, and I had felt strongly that the Virginia Tech incident and events shortly after the VT event (the Nasa shooting and the bank holdup) were pointing directly to something that would happen while the Queen was here.

ESPECIALLY since I had felt strongly that the OTHER exercise that was just held, called OPERATION NOBLE RESOLVE which simulated a NUCLEAR EVENT virtually in the EXACT spot on the globe where the QUEEN is going to be visiting in just a few days from now, was a strong signal being sent that pointed to the next event as well and here we have ANOTHER exercise being held while she is here that is simulating a nuclear event being held in the EXACT spot on the globe where I said that the code seemed to be pointing to next for a big event AND that exercise is NUCLEAR as well!

Because, as I said above, I felt that the poem allegedly written by Cho, Mr Brownstone was possibly code that would point to the next big event and I made note in the RMN lounge that I felt it could be pointing to something to do with Purdue University.

Now, it turns out that the huge INDIANA NUKE EXERCISE is being held at the military training center that PURDUE UNIVERSITY was given MILLIONS of dollars to help build and equip with state of the art technology for war gaming scenarios and training for things such as NUCLEAR EVENTS on American soil.

Here is the some of what I said in the article that I wrote about the Queens visit and the nuke exercise in VA in the area where she is going to be visiting... ...

"I guarantee you that there is something MAJOR going down that revolves around this visit to VA by Queen Elizabeth. She is coming for a reason, a serious sort of TURNING point reason, that much I can promise you. What EXACTLY the reason is I am not even going to try to guess, although there is a pretty good chance that the symbolism is pointing to one of two plots which I will share the basics of.... either her visit marks her agreement with a MAJOR change of direction, next step sort of thing for the NWO plan something that can be directly tied to her visit, OR there is something going on behind the scenes and someone, some counter group has a plan to inflict harm to her or Phillip or her power and/or is blackmailing her.

EITHER WAY, all of the symbolism that is occurring that is pointing to this visit is saying that there is coming a SHIFT, a change, either in power which may happen covertly, or life on this planet is about to change dramatically somewhere.
Coupled with the fact that there is to be an exercise called
NOBLE RESOLVE in the next few days ........

"From April, 23 to April 27, the military are running Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the US and Europe.

This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon Virginia harbor"

This is extremely concerning considering the definitions of these two words: NOBLE: of or pertaining to the aristocracy. RESOLVE: - to reduce or convert by, or as by, breaking up or disintegration

- to convert or transform by any process
- to settle, determine, or state formally in a vote or resolution, as of a deliberative assembly. As

I said above.... SOMETHING HAS BEEN DECIDED, something is about to be transformed...."

I am going to repeat myself here a bit, but I want to lay this out the way it happened, in a time line sort of fashion so that we can see the progression of it.....

1) SOMEONE goes off at VT and kills 33 people, including the guy that they are blaming for doing the shooting, Cho.

2) The killing starts at WEST AMBLER HALL and moves in a NW direction across campus to NORRIS hall.

3) These events appear to be linked to and pointing to the upcoming visit by the Queen to Virginia in May.

4) Let's remember that the big nor Easter hit at the same time as the VT killings, I will share the importance of that farther down.

5) Within a few days of the VT incident, there was a bank robbery where the killer wore a VT t-shirt and a shooting at NASA... both events held clues that pointed straight to the Queen and her upcoming visit as a time of the Next big event.

6) A few days after the two events mentioned above came an exercise called "Operation NOBLE RESOLVE" involving a NUCLEAR event in Virginia Harbor - I found that interesting considering the Queen is shortly to visit the Jamestown settlement on the harbor within a few weeks of this exercise.

7) They release poems allegedly written by Cho and one of them strikes me as if it may be sending code - the code leads me to feel that the next big event may have something to do with Purdue University, in Indiana.

8) Now comes ANOTHER exercise "ARDENT SENTRY-NORTHERN EDGE - 07" which just happens to be in INDIANA and be taking place at a location heavily involved with PURDUE university and it also happens to be taking place while the QUEEN is visiting in MAY and it just happens to also be NUCLEAR!

Now, I felt at the time, and I shared with friends of mine in email but did not post it, that the fact that the killing spree on the VT campus went in a NW line was important and at the time looked for what was NW of VA..... Indiana is NW of VA.

Also I mentioned the NOR EASTER that hit right around the time of the VT event.... I find it very interesting that ANOTHER part of the HUGE exercise that is currently going on and that will be taking place during the Queens visit is a simulated STORM which hits the NORTH EAST coast.... AS-NE 07 includes a hurricane scenario - impacting the New England area - that is the capstone event for hurricane season preparations. Participants include the six New England states, New York, FEMA Regions I and II, and numerous federal agencies. The event is intended to test the full range of domestic incident
management procedures in response to a hurricane under the National Response Plan and 2007 Hurricane Concept of Operations Plan. This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA and DOD.

Ok... a couple of things about that.... they are calling this a "CAPSTONE EVENT"... We all know and have been told that when the NWO reaches it goal of final control of the US that it will be symbolic of them "capping the pyramid" that is why the capstone on the US one dollar bill is hovering above it and is NOT placed upon it, because they have not taken that FINAL step to complete control of the US population....

I am hoping that all of this is NOT pointing to them trying to pull off a NUCLEAR event that goes LIVE during this exercise, as that would surely give them the event they need to place the capstone, signaling victory.... it would surely be a "CAPSTONE EVENT"!!
This especially concerns me considering what I had written in the article I posted a snip from above... that I strongly feel that all of the symbolism is saying that while the Queen is here something major is going to go down, a major change or shift is going to occur that is being marked by her visit.

Also, one last thing on the hurricane exercise... does anyone else find it odd that while we have two wars going on, and even if we didn't for that matter, that the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is one of the MAJOR sponsoring agencies for an exercise that revolves around a hurricane, a "natural" disaster?

ESPECIALLY considering the fact that in their own words on the site they are calling this a "CAPSTONE EVENT?"
Now for those of you wondering how I came up with the link to Purdue from the Cho play, here it is....

Mr Brownstone was a song written by Guns and Roses, it is said to be about herion use and addiction, however, it is also rumored to have maybe been used by the band due to the fact that two of the bands members used to buy their heroin from the BROWNSTONE APARTMENTS located on the PURDUE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS.

I had felt at the time that they were using colleges to send their messages and code through as we had just come out of the whole Rutgers University/Imus thing when we went straight into the Virginia Tech/Cho thing.... and then this play by Cho pointed straight to another University in Indiana...

I felt strong enough that it may be code pointing to the next event to mention it in the lounge a few weeks ago.

Lastly I just want to mention a few of the lyrics to the song MR BROWNSTONE, by Guns and Roses....

Here are the first two stanzas....

I get up around seven
Get outta bed around nine
And I don't worry about nothin' no
'Cause worrin's a waste of my... time The show usually starts around seven
We go on stage around nine
Get on the bus about eleven
Sippin' a drink and feelin' fine'%20Roses%20Lyrics/Mr.%20Brownstone%20Lyrics.html

You will notice that the song mentions SEVEN....

This exercise is called AS-07 (Ardent Sentry 07) and of course it is the year 2007 .... '07

The song also, in the next two lines mentions "NINE" and "ELEVEN"

Is this alluding to the next 9-11 being in 07?

Oh yeah... and the definition of ARDENT:

- glowing or shining like fire;
- characterized by strong enthusiasm; "ardent revolutionaries";
- burning, fervent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, torrid

1. having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: an ardent vow;
2. intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous:
3. vehement; fierce:
4. burning, fiery, or hot: the ardent core of a star.

- a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
basically, a watchman... standing guard waiting for an event.
Hmmm... that doesn't sit well with me either.
Again, as always, let's hope I'm wrong.

Never Surrender