Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NWO SECRET GOV: U.S. Covert Actions and Counter-Insurgency Programs

NSC 10/2 directed CIA to conduct
"covert" rather than merely
"psychological" operations,
defining them as all activities
"which are conducted or
sponsored by this Government
against hostile foreign states
or groups or in support of
friendly foreign states or groups
but which are so planned and
executed that any US Government
responsibility for them is not
evident to unauthorized
persons and that if uncovered
the US Government can plausibly
disclaim any responsibility
for them."

The type of clandestine activities
enumerated under the new
directive included: "propaganda;
economic warfare; preventive
direct action, including sabotage,
demolition and evacuation
measures; subversion against
hostile states, including assistance
to underground resistance
movements, guerrillas and
refugee liberations [sic] groups,
and support of indigenous
anti-Communist elements
in threatened countries of
the free world. Such operations
should not include armed
conflict by recognized military
forces, espionage,
counter-espionage, and
cover and deception for
military operations."

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