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Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent

Private bridge between Vatican-Paneuropean -
and Anglo-American intelligence
It took about seven months, but it's finally done:
A new article on Le Cercle. However, it's about far more than
Le Cercle alone. In the process of adding new names and greatly
expanding the biographies of known members, it turned out
that this obscure intelligence group was the key to identifying
what might best be described as the Vatican- Paneuropa network.

Throughout Catholic Europe, private, hard-right to outright fascist
institutions have been set up in the past 60 years that are dominated
by supporters of not only the Paneuropa Union, but also Opus Dei
and the Knights of Malta. Most people, especially in non-Catholic
countries, would think the idea of Paneuropa died
with Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1972.

Not so.
As is discussed in this article, Otto von Habsburg
took over this effort with such aristocrats as
Count Hans Huyn (also Le Cercle),
Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso,
Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis,
Nikolaus von Liechtenstein,
Jakob Coudenhove-Kalergi and
Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the latter being the original author
of the recently rejected European constitution.
All these men are alive today and identify themselves
with the most reactionary elements in the Vatican:
Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta.

These people (i.e. the top leaders in this private network)
have the idea of using the European Union
to some day revive the Holy Roman Empire.

The most central player in this whole network is
- Otto von Habsburg and together with his Opusian associates
- Jean Violet and
- Antoine Pinay he founded Le Cercle in the 1950s,
one of the branches of this Vatican-Paneuropa network.
At least, that's how things started out.
In later years extremist Cold War warriors from the
US and the UK became more involved with Le Cercle.
Many participants already knew each other through the CIA-sponsored
anti-communist networks in Europe. It's a very long and complex story,
so for more information you'd better take a look at the article.
Make sure to click on the footnotes, which,
like many biographies, have grown a bit out of proportion.
And I especially recommend footnote no. 3.
Couldn't do a whole article on the Synarchist Movement of Empire

Early Cercle members representing the Paneuropa Union, the
European Coal and Steel Community, France, Germany and Italy.
Andreotti was not a founding member; the others were.

Le Cercle meets biannually these days.
One of these meetings is arranged in Europe, the Middle East
or northern Africa. However, the other one is arranged in Washington,
and looking at the list of known meetings, there's a very good chance
that the Cercle will gather here next month, most likely in the
Madison Hotel. Journalists or anyone living in the neighborhood
might want to try and find out details about this meeting.

Other updates
Almost all articles have been updated. Here's a list of details:
1001 Club
1) Whole new section added dealing with the birth of the
privatization of British foreign policy, its focus on raw materials, and
the extreme measures taken to uphold the apartheid in South-Africa.

2) A number of biographies from British raw materials executives
have been expanded and their pictures added to the article.
They represented the following banks and corporations:
- Anglo-American, De Beers, Charter, Rio Tinto, the Anglo-Iranian
Oil Company and BP, the British Newfoundland Corporation,
P&O shipping, the Bank of England, Barclays and Hambro
3) Several names (re-)added, including Prince Johannes
von Thurn und Taxis, King Juan Carlos and Prince Henrik.
The source of these names is mentioned and relevant sections
from this document can be read.

Sun Valley meetings:
Significant changes to wording.
Some detail about J. Gordon Brown's membership
in the extremely aristocratic Other Club.
In connection to this also expanded the list of Rothschild friends
present at the annual meeting.

Started out with some more detail on the think tank that JASON
evolved from, IDA, but almost completely rewrote the article.
The whole structure of think tanks, advisory bodies and intelligence
agencies that were created at the same time as JASON
are a very important piece of history, which deals with the rise
of the military-industrial complex. And for those who may recognize
a number of names: I found out about this a while ago when doing
detailed bios on alleged MJ-12 members
and the people surrounding them.

USAPs Made significant changes to wording
and added some info here and there.


1) Expanded the part of Otto von Habsburg's Paneuropa - Vatican
network and Le Cercle, as opposed to the Anglo-American establishment
which is the main subject of the article.

2) Added a far more detailed description of the Privy Council.

3) Added information which confirms that the controversial meeting
George Hunt was talking about in the early 1990s indeed was part
of the network of the elitist United Nations Association.
Notice the similarity with former apartheid advocates in Le Cercle,
as Lord Salisbury and Lord Julian Amery, and the genocidal policies
in South Africa described in the article on the 1001 Club.

Appendix A
Added a whole range of Vatican-Paneuropa institutes to the list.
Improved descriptions of institutes about which
we do not no for sure if they exist.

Leaked Video of US troops in Iraq.

They're tired of the war, America is tired of the war,
and the so is the rest of the world. We can't say we agree
with what these soldiers are saying, we think it's very sad
that this is their attitude toward these Iraqi kids...
but this is a reflection of their frustration with their own situations
~ when will this bloody war finally just be over?

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