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"I Helped The U.S. Army Plan The 9/11 Attacks"

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In 1976 Congress commissioned a plan to determine how terrorists could attack the World Trade Center under the guise of an "airport security" study. The theoretical (at the time) plan specified how the towers might be felled using commercial aircraft hijacked with nothing more than "box cutters." The exercise, run by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, made use of specialists in C-Baterry 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army stationed in Strassburg, Germany. I was one such specialist, I participated in these events was and then went on to work for Army Intelligence and the Department of Defense. My story is one of frustration, harassment, stress, and desperation as I try to communicate my ordeal to any who will listen. Email Newsletter Special Feature
May 22, 2007
By ATS Member, Timothy S. McNiven
C-Battery 2/81st FA, US Army 1975-76 Where are you? In January 2005, Frank Bass wrote an article for the Chicago Sun -Times about the Nixon - Ford administration's Cabinet Committee to Combat Terrorism that the Strassburg study was an activity of. This Committee ran until Democratic Political Party President Jimmy Carter cut the Funds from his administrations' Budget for the Implementing of the Improvements that were developed from the study, thus ending US Air Travel Security improvements until after September 11,2001. In 2003, my US Military study information was used in the Ellen Mariani RICO lawsuit that was filed against the Bush administration; it was Count III of the Lawsuit text, pages 25 to 27. In the first paragraph of my Affidavit, I identify myself as the DoD Agent. I am with three decades in Services to the DoD. I like to point out to people that US Attorney General John Ashcroft, who was one of the Lawsuit's Defendants, did not have me arrested, or even questioned about my committing the US Federal Felony of impersonating a US Federal Agent when I testified before US Federal Court that, in fact, I am a US Federal Agent for the US Defense Department. When US Attorney General John Ashcroft did not arrest me for impersonating a US Federal Agent for testifying in US Federal Court that, in fact, I am a US Federal Agent; he 'publicly confirmed' that what I stated was true; that I was, in fact, the DoD agent I testified I was. When he did this, he also 'publicly confirmed' that the rest of my affidavit was also true (unless you can explain and prove why I only told the truth in the first paragraph of my affidavit and did not in the rest of it), which makes my US Defense Department US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information- the only US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information (that which has come from US Government Departments or Agencies), to be "Publicly Confirmed" to be true by the US Government. I have issued this challenge to everyone who said my information was not true: do you have a higher US Government legal opinion than the US Attorney General's Office, under US Attorney General John Ashcroft, on whether or not I told the Truth when I Testified in US Federal Court, that in fact I am a US Federal Agent and a US Federal Law that gives you this higher US Government legal opinion? Not one Democrat has answered this question or had any further contact with me. My US military study information has also been considered for use in the International Criminal Court case against Tony Blair for using cluster bombs on civilians. I sent my information to the International Legal Panel who wrote up the ICC charges because they were looking for a way to connect Bush to Blair (my 1976 US Military Study information establishes a "25 Year" time period in which the UK and US Governments could have made plans), so that he can be charged as a co-conspirator in the ICC, which is legal even though Democratic Political Party President Bill Clinton "refused" to allow his Democratic Political Party's world wide activities to be scrutinized by the International Criminal Court and did not allow the US Government to join. I have also been given the written support of the Canadian Government that what I say about the US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information is true over what John Kerry and the Democrats - John McCain and the Republicans have said about US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge. Here are the links to the letters of support that I was given by: the Honourable John McCallum, Canada's Minister of National Defence and Carolyn Parrish, MP and former Vice Chair to the Internaional NATO Executive as well as being the Elected Official who 'stomped' on the George Bush Doll for the Canadian TV show This Hour has 22 Minutes. I would like to point out that Mr. McCallum did not get into Political trouble like the 'German woman Government Official' who compared Bush to Hitler and was forced to resign... instead he was named the Canadian Government's Official Announcer for the Rolling Stones' Concert that was broadcast Live from Toronto to the US and Canadian Troops in Afghanistan and then was Promoted to Canadian Minister of Finance. Is the reason that Bush did not go after Mr.McCallum the way he went after the 'German woman Government Official' because he knew he would lose the US Government's closest Military Ally, Canada, on the issue of US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information? My United States Defense Deartment US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge has been subjected to the most stringent test in America, that of; the US Federal Court and the US Attorney General's Office under US Attorney General John Ashcroft; it also has been given the written support of the Canadian Government through its highest military representative and is being used for an International Criminal Court Case. So, why has the Democratic Political Party censored this information from the people of the world? Is it because it shows that the Democratic Political Party is 'equally' involved in the 9-11-01 attacks and the World War for Money that resulted from them? In the Spring of 2002, Cynthia McKinney came on US National TV and cried out for US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information. Within days of her crying out for US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information I faxed to her Georgia and Washington, DC offices the information about the 1976 US Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security and received No reply. In August 2002 I once again faxed the 1976 US Military Study information to her Georgia and Washingto,DC Offices with a note that I would hand-deliver a copy, if that is what it took to get a reply. Her staff sent me a one-line political party reply; McKinney has 'refused' to have any contact with me at all; the US Defense Department Agent who sent her the US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information- she came on American National TV and cried out for; "why?" In December 2002 I contacted Nine Eleven Families for Peaceful Tomorrows with my 1976 US Mililtary Study information and they referred me to Kyle Hence, who was going to be doing a civilian 9-11-01 investigation. I wrote to Kyle Hence and we exchanged emails and talked on the phone about Kyle wanting me to be part of his first news conference in March 2003, in New York City, and that I was to wait for his next communication to tell me when I needed to travel to NYC. His next email did not arrive, so I thought it was just taking him longer to set up then he thought. Then I see where he had his news conference and had dropped me for Cynthia McKinney. I contacted him that she was one of the elected officials who was responsible for Improving US Air Travel Security during her 5 Terms as Congressional Representative prior to the 9-11-01 Attacks and 'did not' do it. He wrote back that it 'did not' matter to him since she had done other things for him. (Anyone with an average intelligence knows that when someone from Washington, DC does something for you, it means they gave you money.) This made me so angry that I deleted his email or I would have that one for you today also. In September 2006 I went to Camp Democracy on the Mall in Washington, DC and on Saturday morning, September 16th, I checked what the schedule would be for that day and Kyle Hence was going to be giving a 9-11 Truth presentation; so, I attended. During the Q and A time I asked Kyle Hence (without identfing myself) about the 1976 US Military Study information that was Count III of the Ellen Mariani RICO Lawsuit and why wasn't the 9-11 Truth Movement promoting this information? Kyle Hence was surprised by this question and he did not know how to answer it and had a worried look on his face. Then he quickly, like a politician, said that it had been covered in his new movie (I will not give it any promotion by naming it) and that I should watch it. So, I gave Kyle Hence the chance to prove that what he said was true and came back later that night to watch it when it was shown in the main event tent. Not one word was mentioned about the 1976 US Military Study in Kyle Hence's movie. Kyle Hence had 'straight faced lied' about him covering the information in his movie. (If Kyle Hence had to 'lie' about him not covering this information in his movie; then what other information has Kyle Hence 'lied' to everyone about?) Before the house lights were turned back up, I went forward to Kyle Hence and asked him if I could give him some information I had... since he could not see well enough to read what I handed him he took it to read later. I gave him a copy of his email asking me to be part of his first news conference in March 2003. Kyle Hence did not and has not replied to me about why he did a 180 degree turn around on my 1976 US Military Study information- from wanting it to be part of his first news conference in March 2003 to totally censoring it after having contact with Cynthia McKinney. Take the time to write to Kyle Hence and ask him why he has censored the information that has been recognized by the US Federal Court, the US Attorney General's Office under US Attorney General John Ashcroft, the Canadian Government and the international legal panel who wrote up the ICC Criminal Charges agaisnt Tony Blair as being true? Send along his email to me asking me to be part of his March 2003 news conference in New York City. I received an email from a Mick Stuart, that he received from Glen Ford, co-publisher of the Black Commentator magazine in which he calls me a "Confederate from Georgia who is worshiping his skin and flag; and should be organized AGAINST". Why is Cynthia McKinney's corporation media supporter calling me 'racial slurs' that are as offensive as the 'N-word' comment made by Michael Richards? Here is a link to a photo of me at the San Francisco Anti-War Rally held on October 26,2002: Do I look like a skin head white supremacist from Georgia? http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/20060808/uknewuknew.pdf Another Democrat I contacted with my 1976 US Military Study information was Jimmy Walter, who wrote back that he thought my information was interesting and would read it further for consideration to promote it. After he read it and found out that it showed that his Democratic Political Party was 'equally' involved he refused to promote it and instead censored it for the Democratic Political Party. Other Democratic Political Party 9-11 (self annointed) Truth Movement Leaders I have contacted are: Jim Marrs, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, David Ray Griffin, Michael Moore and Bob Bowman, who all have censored my United States Defense Department US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information. At the 9-11-2006 events in New York City Jim Marrs stood on stage and yelled at the top of his lungs, stomped his foot, pounded his fist on the podium and waved it in the air about the US Government finding an airliner hi-jacking scenario on a confiscated laptop in 1995. If this information made Jim Marrs yell at the top of his lungs; then, why, when he was given (two or more times) the information that, not only did the US Government have the hi-jacking scenario of the confiscated laptop, but also had created it in the 1970's, by the US Defense Department, then make him come totally unglued (?) instead of making him censor it? Have you seen Jim Marrs ever promote the 1976 US Military Study information? Why not? Please contact him and ask him why. You can also contact and ask the other Democrats I have named and ask them why they have censored my 1976 US Mililtary Study information, when it is the only US Government 9-11-01 prior knowledge information that has been 'publicly confirmed' as being true by the US Government? In March 2005 internet jouralist Greg Szymanski wrote an article about the 1976 US Military Study and it was picked up by a few internet news sites overseas... in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil by June. I found this out one day near the end of June while doing a Google Search and was going to have my webmaster put links to these articles online, following the 4th of July Holiday, but this did not happen; the FBI came to my home instead. On July 6, 2005, four FBI Agents came to my home in Bellingham,Wa., under the guise of wanting to talk to me about an information request I sent to them over a year ago. At first they were civil and then they became belligerent and demanded my DoD ID Card. When I balked at this one of the agents who said he was from the Seattle FBI Office yelled in my face that; "if I did not give them my DoD ID Card they were going to go to the Bellingham Police for reinforcements come back and tear my apartment apart"! When they did this, I knew that they were trying to escalate the situation into a physical confrontation with me, since it was a 4 to 1 advantage to the FBI with all of the Agents being in their 20's or 30's, in weightlifer condition ,and me in my 50's with heart disease. I knew that if I wrestled them for my ID Card, they would stress out my Heart and cause another heart attack... so, I decided to get a Lawyer to take the FBI to court over this illegal confiscation of my DoD ID Card. The legal reason the FBI gave for their confiscation was: FBI Special Agent Lance Boyer had never seen a DoD ID card before. Not even the Patriot Act gives the FBI this legal authority and there is a simple reason he had never seen a DoD ID Card before; Lance Boyer does not have a DoD Security clearance. I got a receipt for my ID card. Following the FBI leaving I contacted the ACLU who refused to provide me with legal services. I contacted Greg Szymanski, who wrote another article about the FBI raid on my home, to include him calling the FBI Office, who confirmed they had gone to my home and confiscated my ID Card but would not give details about the legallity of their actions. I continued to look for a Lawyer, and, after 3 months of lawyers telling me "No", I thought; 'what can I do myself'? So, I filed an investigation request with the Seattle Office of the US Marshall, who reviewed my incident report and forwarded it to the US Attorney General's Office for further investigation. To date the US Attorney General has done nothing with my request. I have continued to look for a lawyer to represent me, but none will. In March 2007 I talked to Ms.Fulton, a lawyer from Seattle, who refused to provide me with legal services after it was explained to her that it was a political case instead of a criminal case. When I asked her if she could tell me of a lawyer who might help me; she said; "No lawyer was going to represent me"! The lawyers do not want to have themselves, their law firms, family or friends to be put on the FBI Domestic Spying list. Please investigate all information I have given you to find out why the Democratic Political Party has been censoring this information from you for over 5 years, beginning with Cynthia McKinney in April of 2002. I have a website with some of this info posted: Thank you, United States Defense Department Intelligence Investigative Office Supervisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Timothy S. McNiven Supporting Links, Documentation, and messages of Support: My Website: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com A supporting email: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/2006-07/7-fromawokenresearchgroup.pdf The Mariani Lawsuit: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/docs/mariani_lawsuit.pdf My sworn affidavit: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/docs/affidavit.pdf ACLU Rejection Letter: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/jan2006/letter_from_ACLU.jpg U.S. Marshals Service Response: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11042005/usmarshals2.jpg Communications: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer22.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer29.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer30.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer31.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer32.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer33.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer34.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer35.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer36.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/11232005/lawyer37.jpg Supporters: http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/images/supporters1.jpg http://www.codenamegrilfire.com/images/supporters3.jpg http://www.codenamegrillfire.com/images/supporters4.jpg Greg Szymanski Articles in The Arctic Beaxon: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/9-Mar-2005.html http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/23-Mar-2005.html http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/13-May-2005.html http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/31-Jul-2005.html Editorial note: Since submitting his story to our email newsletter submission form, Mr. McNiven has agreed to join ATS and answer your questions regarding his amazing story.


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