Thursday, May 31, 2007

Global Bilderberg and EU/G8 Summits and Protests coming on this week

a whole planet of awakening sovereigns is learning the language of freedom from a lifetime of economic, political and cultural servitude. The question of the role of the British and Global Security State in the murder of Princess Diana -- and the contemporary dialog on how to emancipate the British population from their thralldom to 'royalty' -- is the beginning of a dialog on a Global Entitlement to Life and Prosperity.

Channelling Charles ...

In the dream Prince Charles came to speak with me on
this question of why the 'common people' so often poured
out their anger against the Monarchy and royalty. A dialog
which grew to include all the rich and powerful, including
the government and its elected 'representatives' .

He also spoke of the two sides of Diana's personality, viz.
both saint and sinner, who captured the attention of the
media and the world, and made life so difficult for the ruling
Windsor family!

I suggested to him that the solution to his dilemna, and to
that of the British public, was to address the fundamentals
and not the symptoms. Instead of furthering forever the
battleground of serf and master -- of ruling class and victim
class -- why not look to the 1999 example of the updating of
the House of Lords into a House of Baron-Peers?

Why not beknight ALL the deserving people of Britain, and
indeed ALL the UK, to a House of Mentors, and House of
Humanity? Create a universal entitlement to self-directed
participation in the institution and the economy -- and thus
universal protection from barbarisms of the predatory guilds
of organized crime, business, medicine, banking, law, media,
military, government, all?

One can imagine a starting point inclusive of more than
half the population -- all of those who had reached the
age of 30 or 35 say -- and had learned to read and write,
had demonstrated a life or evolution beyond violence and
abuse, and led lives of significant service and example to
their communities and the whole planet. A direct democracy
or direct judicial -- whose purpose is not to further the evils
of the institution and judiciary, but principally to PROTECT
the people from those courts and the government, as well
as from the corporate state!

Demonstrate to the world what 'Royalty' could and should
mean -- if even the word/concept need continue -- of a life
of service to spirit and culture -- as protectors of the legacy
of humanity, and the divine wilderness of life, of Mother
Earth. If Britain has made a positive mark on the world in
recent years, it was solely due to its honest sincerity, of the
carnage against Mother Gaia, of the catastrophe of Global
Warming and the death of the Rainforest and the Oceans.
Of their turning around the monster machines of Wall Street
and Washington -- launching the beginnings of a global
dialog and process of planetary healing, world redemption.

What would be MORE effective at protecting BOTH image
and security of the gentry, and furthering their lives
and that of the WHOLE OF BRITAIN AND THE UK -- than
to recognize and uplift the WHOLE OF THE FAMILY ...
all together?

Then the example that Diana set -- of caring for all peoples --
of nurturing the WHOLE of our human family -- could be
followed by an entire nation, the whole commonwealth,
and eventually by an entire world.

With all our sacred relations,

Millennium Twain


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