Wednesday, May 23, 2007

THE COSMIC SERPENT / DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy
Narby takes a serious look
at how neurogenetic consciousness
informs awareness, knowledge,
symbolism and culture.
His comparison of the ancient
cosmic serpent myths to the
genetic situation in every
living cell reveals the immortal
biomolecular wizard behind
the curtain of everyday life.
His anthropological study,
ayahuasca experience and
scientific speculations weave
a tale of shamans who bring
their consciousness down to
molecular levels with
sophisticated neurotransmitter
potions in order to perceive
information contained in
the coherent visible light
emitted by DNA.
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DNA and the Origins
of Knowledge
Q&A with Jeremy Narby
by Todd Stewart

Could you sum up your book
"The Cosmic Serpent, DNA
and the Origins of Knowledge"?

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