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This year I knew I had to watch the Indianapolis 500 as all of the research into the symbolism of world events in the last few months seemed to be pointin

Uploaded by neverknwo. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.g to Indiana and to events that took place there just as preparations were to begin for the Indy 500.

In a sense, everything that I had decoded so far was saying "all roads lead to Indy".

Oddly enough, that was the theme of this years race. At every commercial break they played a little graphic of lighted trails that seemed to come from the sky all over the globe and land in Indianapolis... along with this they displayed the words

"ALL ROADS LEAD TO INDY" indeed I felt that I had correctly decoded the symbolism for the last few months that pointed me to Indiana as I mentioned in my last few posts.

Being that it was several government and military exercises involving simulated nuclear detonations that played a major part in pointing me to Indiana, (due to the fact that the last one occurred there) and that the exercise came to an end just as preparations for the 500 were beginning..... I find it rather odd that the graphic that they used at EVERY commercial break showed what appeared to be missile trails converging upon Indy from the sky.

But now to the symbolism that was seeping out of nearly every inch of the 500 this year.... it truly was and is an amazing code that took me from the start of the race till right now to completely decipher and to find the time to sit down and post it all.

First of all, this is InDIANA, the state who figured prominently in this years super bowl. The symbolism there led to DIANA and her son WILLIAM and King Arthur - the once and future king. It led to the coming NWO leader - bloodline king to come.

We will see why that is important later in this article.

Let's analyze the big names in the race this year, as we seem to have many of the powerful groups that are running this planet represented in this race.

The driver who was on the pole for this years race was HELIO CASTRONEVES in car number 3.

Helios was the greek god of the Sun. It is very interesting to me that during the race, Helio Castroneves went in to pit and the pit crew attempted to refuel his car to no avail. No fuel was going into his car. The problem was reportedly due to an equipment failure, something called the "dead-mans valve" on fuel rig was stuck closed.

At first I decoded this as symbolically saying that the SUN GOD, or the agenda of those that worship the sun god (catholic church, the freemasons, government leaders from all over the world etc...) was running out of fuel or not going to materialize.

But after spending more time looking into it it gets even more interesting.

It turns out that there is a story in the Greek sun gods life that is interesting in light of what happened to our modern day Helio at the race Sunday.

Helios, The sun god, is said to have driven a golden chariot across the sky each day. Our modern day Helio is somewhat of a chariot driver himself.

Helios had a son who one day took his fathers golden chariot and took to the sky with it, being young and inexperienced, he flew too far from the earth and caused the inhabitants to freeze and shiver as the sun chariot flew higher and higher, and all the plants began to shrivel and die.

Hmmm... that sounds like exactly what would happen to earth if the SUN did run out of fuel, or said better if it was not fueled any longer, just as what happened to our modern day driver Helio.

Here is what happened next...

"Zeus heard the anguished cries of the people and, seeing the runaway team of horses pulling the sun, with a terrified Phaethon clinging on for dear life, became very angry. Gaea (Mother Earth), distressed at the danger her realm was in, beseeched Zeus to do something to stop it. Knowing that if he didn't act quickly all life on earth was in serious peril, Zeus chased after the sun chariot on his eagle and, quickly catching up to it, hurled one of his fearsome thunderbolts at Phaethon, striking the foolish young man dead."

Here is his epitaph:

"Here lies Phaethon: In Helios' car he fared
And though he greatly failed, more greatly dared."
(Ovid, Metamorphoses)



We have a CAR/CHARIOT DRIVER named HELIO who had a FUEL problem having to do with the DEAD MAN'S valve which ultimately cost him the race as he ran out of fuel and it took time to fix the problem.

and, HELIOS, the Greek SUN GOD, who's son took his CHARIOT and RACED across the sky with it too high up and it was as if the fuel had run out of the sun as it was not reaching the earth and the the earth grew cold. It was decided to TAKE HIM OUT and as a result of trying to STOP HIM FROM CAUSING ANY MORE HARM TO THE EARTH AND IT'S INHABITANTS, he ended up a DEAD MAN.

I left this part of the story out above but will include it here... After he flew too high and made the earth far too cold..

... he then flew way too close to earth and all the people were scorched and burned as well as the landscape, causing terrible grief and hysteria. It was at this point that Zeus went and stopped him.

It is said in the story that "all of life on earth was in serious peril... so he took to an EAGLE and went and stopped him.

Here is what I think all of this may be saying symbolically...

There are groups on this earth, groups into Sun worship, that are very important leaders on this planet who have plans to Scorch the peoples of earth with nuclear war, in order to have their one world, new world order. Plans that seriously, if not stopped, put all of life on earth in serious peril.

I believe the message being sent through this drivers day at the race was that some body has other plans for earth and that the chariot of the SUN god and his plans are going to run out of fuel and NOT win the race or that if they try to carry forward with their plan to scorch the earth, they will be taken out.

How did Zeus do this? With a lightening bolt! Sounds like scalar technology to me. We know that certain factions do have control of scalar technology and we have heard that some groups have threatened to use it against anyone who tries to set off nukes.

We can hope that is the moral of the above story, but it does not end there.

By the way, his last name is actually Castro Neves he decided to join the two words as one since he came to America because people were always calling him one or the other and rarely both.

This is interesting because the meaning of the surname CASTRO is CASTLE and the meaning of NEVES is... The upper part of a glacier, above the limit or perpetual snow.

So essentially his surname means a castle that is very high in the sky, above the limit, where is is constantly cold and snowing. Interesting because taken with his first name and his FUEL problem at INDY this year, his name is like HELIO the SUN GOD is in a CASTLE that is so high up it is always COLD and snowing again it is if they are saying that the plans of the Sun god crew are running out of gas, not being fueled, are growing cold.

Let us HOPE.

Also it was he who was in the POLE position for Sundays race. So we had a SUN GOD on the NORTH POLE...hmmmm pole shift anyone? But also there is a more ingenious message being sent out by this act. The Pole star or the the North star is Polaris, it is in the constellation Ursa Minor... which means "Smaller Bear" in Latin because the constellation of Ursa Minor resembles a bear. Arturo means bear and therefore this constellations is linked to King Arthur and, as I showed in my article about the Super bowl, also to Prince William who very well may be being groomed to become the Returned King Arthur.

Ursa major is linked to both the Bear and Wagon. It was seen as the "wagon of King Arthur", whose Round Table is reflected in the constellations circling the Pole, and whose name comes from the Celtic word for "bear." Legend has it that Arthur is sleeping in a cave with his knights beside him, and will return one day to save his country in its hour of need.

Odd, even Arthur has a wagon. Helios has a winged chariot and Helio Castro Neves has his race car at the Indianapolis Motor speedway who's logo is a tire with wings to tie it all nicely together.

By placing Helio C. on the pole, they were alluding to the coming new SUN GOD, the once and future King Arthur, the NWO bloodline king to come. More widely known as "The Christ" or the Anti-Christ depending on which group you are aligned with. So this makes it even more fascinating that he had a fuel problem with the DEAD MAN"S valve and his plans ran cold.... or died in the the car on Sunday at the race... just as the epitaph says:

"In Helios' car he fared
And though he greatly failed, more greatly dared."

This could also be literally translated to be an omen that someone who is of major importance to this world plan might die soon as well. Watch for the death of a major world leader or prominent figure in case this symbolism plays out literally.

One last thing about him being in the POLE position, the pole star is obviously NORTH ... it is said that Helios traveled through the northern hemisphere every night on his way back to the east so that he could rise again and make his trek across the sky to warm the earth.

..."Helios sailed across the northern extremes of the River-Okeanos at night, along with his sun chariot, in a golden boat which carried him back to his place of rising in the West. He drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky and sailed around the northerly stream of Ocean each night in a huge cup.

So this could also be saying that it is near the DAWNING... this could be symbolically signaling to those in the know that it is the night before the dawn and that plans are now very close to playing out.

Now, onto the other drivers and the agenda they represented.

There was another driver named: Tony KANAAN.

Canaan - the land of milk and honey of the Israelites, modern day ISRAEL!

At the beginning of the race Helio C. and T. Kanaan were taking turns leading the race the secret societies and catholic church versus the Zionist agendas neck and neck at INDY.

Oh and the number of his car.... "11"

So we have covered car "11" - Kanaan and car "3" - Helio so far.

By the way a little factoid thrown in here...

There are 33 drivers in every Indy 500 race, they are lined up on the field at the start in 11 rows of 3.

and there we have two of the MOST influential groups running this planet represented in the start of the race evoking a 33, their sacred number of the Illumined ones 33... 3 and 11.

While we are into the numbers aspect of it, I have maintained for a long time that different factions work under the code of certain numbers, I have still not been able to clearly figure out which faction is using which numbers definitively but I do know that...

1) there is a faction coordinating events using the number 33 or 3 or 333, (I believe this is the group that uses 66 or 666 and 99 or 999 as well)

2) there is a group using 77 or 777

3) there is one using 13

4 and one working under the code of the number 11 and all of it's multiples, as well as 111 and also 1111. (it is possible that no one group uses this as it's signature and that all groups use 11, 111, and multiples of 11)

5) lastly someone is also using 8 and 88

I believe that the 13's are usually the catholic church and that the 33 etc is the freemasons, secret societies, "Illumined ones"

Anyway taking that into consideration here are some interesting stats from the race...

If we are following the theory here that these drivers represent different factions that are vying for control of the planet then I find it interesting who had trouble and in what lap, as far as the numbers go...

The first problem occurred in lap "11"

Lap 11: YELLOW. Debris in Turn 3.
Leaders under caution are #11 Kanaan, #3 Castroneves, #27 Franchitti

Above we have a double "11" "3" or 33 = 66

The next problem came when car number "77" was the first to crash in lap 37.

Also, I found it interesting that car number "23" crashed early (also a highly significant number to some or all of these groups) in lap "66". This car was driven by one of the "3" women drivers of the day, Milka Duno from Venezuela. She was sponsored by CITGO. No surprise that they took her out early as she is representative of Chavez and Venezuela and the oil company that he owns and you just KNOW that as upset as they are with him, that they could not let her do well in this race. (We will talk about the other two women later)

and then car "33", driven by Jon Andretti, had trouble with his mirror in lap "99" and was out of the race.

The Andretti team played a very important role in this race and was used to send out much of the code that was transmitted at the 500.

The Andretti Green Team had 5 drivers this year as follows:

Michael Andretti #39
Marco Andretti #26
Tony Kanaan #11
Dario Franchitti #27
Danica Patrick #7

Everyone in the list above played a central role in the race and in the symbolism in the race except for Michael A.

For a LONG time Tony Kannan, Danica Patrick, Dario Franchitti and Marco Andretti were 4 of the 5 in the top five leading the race.

We have already discussed Tony Kanaan, now let's look at the other drivers in that line up, as all of the most important symbolism is tied up in them for the remainder of the race.

Danica is always important as her name means "morning star".

The "Illumined ones", the 33 degree secret society folks and royals from all bloodlines as far as I can tell, all hold in high regard Venus who is known as the "MORNING STAR", a titled also bestowed upon Jesus in the bible and upon Lucifer as well.

Venus evokes for us the goddess Diana for whom Indiana and Indianapolis are named. This also evokes for us Princess Diana, who bore the future king of Britain. A son who I have put forth may be the returned once and future King Arthur.

This was all alluded to through the symbolism of the Super bowl in which the Indianapolis Colts played that I wrote about in an article at the time.

As a side note and as a way of bringing all of the symbolism from THAT event to our minds as relevant to THIS race, Peyton Manning the quarterback for the Colts was a guest at the 500 and walked out onto the bricks before the drivers did.

But, back to Danica.... Her full name being Danica Patrick and meaning: Danica = "MORNING STAR" and Patrick = "NOBLE"

Morning star as in Venus as in "Diana"
Noble as in Royal as in "bloodline" or sang real "holy grail".

Her name evokes the Holy Grail, Mary the mother of the first Christ king and Diana, mother of the coming bloodline king.

The Templars were charged with protecting the Holy Grail and here is a picture of a painting of the Templars kneeling before a statue of Venus.

Danica drove the #7 car and the number 7 represents "Christ".

This is interesting because the seven card in Crowley's Tarot deck is "THE CHARIOT CARD" the card depicts what could be seen as a knight Templar holding the grail...

here is an explanation from an occultist regarding the omen of this card and what it means for the earth and it's peoples, it explains in great detail their plans....

Seven is the Tarot Card Chariot, symbolizing triumph, victory and hope but through an ill-dignified system of "authority under authority." It calls for violence in maintaining order and a lust of destruction.

The card in the Crowley deck depicts four Sphinxes drawing the chariot. These are the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Man, the whole representing the sixteen sub-elements. The Charioteer holds the Holy Grail. In its center shines radiant blood, symbolizing the presence of Light in Darkness.

The Seventh Tarot Card also was the Hierophant Card in the older decks. The Hierophant is the Beast. The charioteer also depicts Abram leaving the ancient City of Ur. The Holy Grail in his hand is the destructive power over the atoms. It is an atomic bomb. It's light is so intense it is blinding.

Light represents truth. Thus expect the new church to be established on a foundation of proof, not faith. This proof will be so profound, it will destroy the old dogmatic religious systems.

The new church will be something quite well defined in the Book of the Revelation. It will be an institution that the word "church" does not fit. Somewhat like the Vatican, it will involve financial, government and religion together. It will be the real order for the new world. It will be thrust upon the masses by force.

That humanity allowed itself to fall into this state of stupidity, with the numbers of dimwits and misfits breeding into a state of critical mass, is a tragedy. The Book of the Law was given to mankind a full 100 years in advance of the looming reign of Horus. It was a period of grace in which we were granted a final warning. Either we were to clean up our act, or face the consequences.

Like Typhon, the people are sliding from the wheel of fortune. Now, to fix this mess, the Beast must rise. He is a state of mind that comes with the power of lightning and fire. The destruction by self-induced war, by natural elements, and by self-inflicted suicidal acts will be massive. Blood will flow in the streets. When it ends, only a remnant of the human race, enough to regenerate the species under the New Aeon of Horus, will remain.

more at link...<>>

Read the above link for a view into what certain factions want to do to accomplish their goals of a one world order and a unified religion and a unified economy etc.

Now, onto the rest of the drivers...

Next we will talk about Marco Andretti, Michael's son. For a long time he was in second place and for a while he was in first, just like last year, all of this happened right before they went to a yellow flag and then went to red due to a rain delay in the race.
(they went to red flag, rain delay, in the 113th lap.)

Being that it was so similar to what happened at the end of the race last year it was enough to make you keep your eyes on Marco, and that is exactly where they wanted them. As later in the race, Marco had the worst wreck of the night, a crash and burn. What was so important about this event is, as oly2059 here on STA has already pointed out, Marco was driving a car sponsored by the New York Stock exchange. The post asked the question, "Is this an omen that the stock exchange is going to crash and burn?" and rightly so. I think that is exactly the message that it was meant to send.

MARCO means WARLIKE or WARRIOR and ANDRETTI is a form of ANDREAS which means MANLY so here we have a driver who's name means MANLY WARRIOR driving the NYSE car which crashed and burned and tumbled I do think that this means that they about to declare war on the American economy.

Ok, now on to what was the most important event of the day...
the winner of the race.

Dario Franchiti, another member of the Andretti team was the winner of the 91st Indy 500 in lap 166 when they called the race three laps after Marco Andretti's crash.

For an article that is just chock full of occult numbers and symbology read this mainstream news article about the race summary...<>>

But now, let's look at the winner and the omen found through analyzing his name and his details.

DARIO is a form of DARIUS which means:

Darius: "he possesses; rich, kingly". Possibly a royal title, like Caesar.
Historical: Darius the Mede (fifth century BC) assumed the kingship of Babylon after its conquest by Cyrus. He was a renowned king also known as Darius the Great.

His last name is FRANCHITTI:

The surname Franchitti is a name for "Franc." The surname Franchi can be traced to the Norman given name Franc, which was a name for the Germanic peoples, the Franks, who inhabited the lands around the Rhine River in Roman times. In the 6th century, under the leadership of Clovis I, the Frankish tribe established a substantial empire in Europe, which later developed into the Holy Roman Empire. Their most famous Emperor was Charlemagne.

The Franks were MEROVINGIANS...said to be the bloodline of Christ... and their history is tightly tied to Arthur and his legends as well. Also, as said above, it was the Frank Merovingian Kings that established a kingdom that grew to be the Holy Roman Empire.

We all know that the goal of most of the leaders of the world and almost all secret societies etc is to gather the world together as one again and to construct the Revised Roman Empire. A goal which they are on the way to fulfilling through the European Union and the North American Union.

Their plan has taken a major step forward as I recently posted about because America has just merged economies with the European Union through Treaty, an act that went unreported in the American mainstream media.

Considering that their goal is to bring the NEW ROMAN EMPIRE into being, and it was a Frankish Merovinginan King who made it possible the first time, and that this years WINNER of the INDY 500 was a man who's name literally means "FRANK MEROVINGIAN KING" ...

....COUPLED with the fact that the THEME of this years race was "ALL ROADS LEAD TO INDY" which is an obvious spin off of the famous saying 'ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME"

and adding in the fact that they blatantly advertised through the symbolism of this race through countless different elements of it HOW they plan to accomplish their plans and that they are possibly on the VERGE of doing it.... through the CRASH of the NYSE and the American economy, the RETURN of the ONCE AND FUTURE KING ARTHUR - bloodline king to come, to rule the NWO - ONE WORLD and through the RETURN of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, coupled with all of the GRAIL references and symbolism that brought to mind DIANA, MAGDELAN, VENUS, the TEMPLAR'S, the ZIONIST'S, NUCLEAR events, WAR, and MANY more references that were decoded into this years race at Indianapolis.....

.... I would say that this years Indy 500 was highly important and informative indeed!!

It appears that pretty much every group that it is in power today was represented there and every agenda and every goal that they have was alluded to through one or more aspects of this race weekend.

God help us all.

The bottom line is.... ALL ROADS LEAD TO INDY and ROME and THERE IS GREAT CHANGE PLANNED and the change is NUCLEAR in scope at least figuratively.

As a side note this was a hard article to write because each element in this event was just drowning in symbolism, it was hard to pick and choose what to include and what to leave out as there is so much more that could have been said to make this a complete article that decoded every bit of the symbolism and messages being sent.

This is just an overview of all that was transmitted.

Till next time...

Never Surrender


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